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Hello everyone. I'll just be showing you 5 examples from our homework. And Simran will show you another 5 on her post. My 5 questions are on the first page/pg. C-41.

I'll be doing A and B from the top row, M and O from the bottom row, and word problem P.
First of all, you need to remember the steps for adding fractions, with different denominators.
*If subtraction, use the same steps, but subtract instead of add (step 4)*

1) write down the question
2) write down the multiples for each denominator, until you find a number that both denominators have AKA LCD (Least Common Denominator)
3) for both sides of the plus sign, do this: (LCD/D)N=NN (Least Common Denominator divided by Denominator, times Numerator, equals New Numerator)
4) add the fractions

I'm sorry if it's hard to understand, but I hope these pictures help. If not, ask Mr.Harbeck (:

For Question M, you'll notice that there are brackets. Don't be afraid. Just do the inside of the brackets first (using the steps above), then just repeat what I've already shown you above.

RELAX! You just need to convert/change that improper fraction into a mixed number. Hmmm... how do you do that? Well here's your answer. (shown below)

1) divide the numerator by the denominator
*subtraction doesn't always work*
2) instead of having a remainder, that number will be the numerator
3) rewrite your mixed fraction

Now you've solved inside the brackets. Now do the rest.
*When dealing with mixed numbers, just bring them down, then add/subtract*

Okay, now here is question O. There are 3 fractions to add, but there are no brackets. So this means we aren't doing the same thing we did for question M.

Now here is the last question I'll show you. It's word problem P.
A BigBurger has 1/4 pound of meat. A SuperBurger has 1/3 pound of meat. How much more meat was used for the SuperBurger? ___ lb.
*When solving word problems, always remember the unit (lb.) and a simple sentence.*
The SuperBurger used 1/12 lb. more meat than the BigBurger.
There, 5 questions from our homework. There are 37 questions you need to do. I've already given away 5, so tomorrow everyone should have at least 5 done. *wink wink*
Well I hope my scribe made sense to you guys, and thanks for reading.
Please leave a comment.
I pick Zerlina for the next scribe (:

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bea873 said :
April 20, 2009 at 5:49 PM
wow! Melanie so colorful!nice work good job! explanation was good.
louisse873 said :
April 20, 2009 at 7:35 PM
hey mel.! good job! your scribe was well explained and you have colourful words. nice job! :DD
Andrew-73 said :
April 20, 2009 at 8:54 PM
Wow what a great scribe! explanation were good and colorful scribe. Good Job!

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