The Great Big Book of Algebra

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chapter 1:

adding integers (tanka)

adding integers.

its not that hard to do.

with zero pair and,

positive with negative

it will become easier.

subtracting integers (diamante, pattern two)


hard, tricky

decreasing, subtracting, diminishing.

take away, put together

increasing, adding, combining.


partitive division (haiku)

how much in each group?

positive and negative

tricky but easy

quotitive division (tanka)

with both integers,

on more kind of division..

is the quotitive.

how many groups are in it?

used in quadrant one and three.

chapter 2:

Mr. Casey: hey kid, nice play today.

kid: hey Mr. Casey. thanks

Mr. Casey: what's wrong ? you seem sad. tell me about it.

kid: oh yeauh, well. my coach said i can't play for the coming up championships. until i boost up my math grades .

Mr. Casey: what do you need help on ? i can help you for sure. i was a top student in math before.

kid: nice . i have a couple of questions, that im really confused of. first is n+3-5n+12 and i got negative 6n+15.

Mr. Casey: thats wrong first you have to combine the like terms which is n-5n and 3+12 so try it .

kid: okay . n-5n first thats easy . its 4n now, 3+12 is 15 0then its now 4n+15. oh my god , combinig like terms is so easy . but i still cant do distributive property 2+4 open bracket 3n+8 close brackets? and i got 12n+10?

Mr. Casey: oh, your dealing with brackets here. well 12n+10 is wrong you have to do the brackets first .and to do that , you multiply 4 by each number inside the brackets.
kid: oh, then it go like 4 times 3n= 12n and 4 times 8=32 then together it should look like 12n+32+2 then you add 32+2=34 and the total answer is 12n+34?

kid: oh, then it go like. 4 times 3n= 12n and 4 times 8=32 then together it should look like 12n+32+2 then you add 32+2=34 and the total answer is 12n+34?

Mr. Casey: ahhh , yes i know you can do it. now go make your math grades high and play that championship well i gotta go, see ya

kid: yeah , thank you so much Mr. Casey. you made everything seem so easy. ahh im going to go rock that championships down. YEAH . your the best.

Pay it Forward

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We watched a movie at school called Pay it Forward. The message in the movie is that one person can make a difference - but can someone really make a difference? We don't know, that's why I'm going to do a project; I'll Pay it Forward. We have to do one act of kindness this holiday. So who should I help? I should help my little brother. I saw he had a hard time reading. What am I going to do? I decided to help him read. Where am I going to do this? I was thinking about a quiet place, where no one could interrupt when he was reading. When am I going to do this? I would help him everyday over the holidays so he will get it right and improve.

Here is a picture of me helping him.

I've been helping him ever since the beginning of the holidays. He improved and got better at reading. He was happy that I helped him and I was too. He asked what to do in return I said, "Pay it Forward." He didn't know what Pay it Forward was so I told him. I said I help him and he has to help someone else and they help someone and so on. He told me that is too big of a job but I said it could be anything simple. I told him you could Pay it Forward when your older but don't forget the idea. He was stunned at first then thought about it, he told me he liked the idea that he would Pay it Forward.

So can one person make a difference? I believe one person can make a difference. If you can find the time to make someone feel happy that is something huge, you just made a difference. When the person asks what to do in return tell them to Pay it Forward. When that happens, it will go on and on and on. So yes, one person CAN make a difference and WILL.

Pay it Forward

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We were given an assignment that relates to the movie pay it forward. Students are suppose to do one act of kindness. Then answering the following questions.

1) Who are you going to help?

2) What are you going to do?

3) Where are you going to do this?

4) When are you going to do this?

For Pay it Forward, I'm going to help my parents and my brother. For my parents I will make them cofee and then attach a note on it that will make them smile. After, I'm going to help my brother do his math homework. I'm planning to do both at home. I will try to help my brother with his homework everyday.


1) What happened?

2) How did you feel?

3) How did the person/ people react?

4) Did you ask the person/ people involved to pay it forward? How did the person/ people react to this?

Pay it forward did work. I made my parents smile. Also I helped my brother finish his math homework. It felt really good making someone smile, and to help them with something.They acted really surprised, and happy at the same time. I asked my parents and my brother to pay it forward. And they said yes.

Can one person make a difference? Yes ofcourse! You just need to have an idea that could change the world and put it in to action. While doing what you need to do, you need to believe in yourself, have courage, persevere, and hope that it would work. And possibly something as big as pay it forward starts. Then you would wonder why? Well this is what I think about. When you help a person, it makes them feel better. Then they will have the courage to make someone feel better too.

scirbe post for december20th by Azra

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I want to talk about algebra. We did some work and a test about algebra but the most exiting thing is we make a movie about algebra. We had make a movie about algebra. we use only two question to make the movie and also make charaters I want to tell u about that.......
those question are....
and one character help another character to solve the question
first character have wrong answer, the answer is 4n+15 and another character help first character to find the mistake for this answer and the answer is -4n+15.
the next question is 2+4(3n+8) and first character did this question wrong and the second character again help first character to found the correct answer and the correct answer is 12n+34.
isn't that great to make a movie and we really enjoy it!!!


Combining like term and the distributive property chapter 2 by Anylance

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Shaine: Heyy

Claire:Can you help me with my Algebra question?


Claire:Here is the question, n+3-5n+12.

Shaine:That's easy you just have to follow the rules of combining algebraic expressions.


Shaine:And remember that we can combine only similar terms by adding or subtracting their numerical coefficient, and you have to follow the rules in addition and subtraction of integers.


Shaine:Here are the Steps to do this n-5n+12+3, so by subtracting n-5n you get -4n and by adding 12 and 3 you get 15 so you get -4n+15, n which is also known as 1n and 5n are similar terms because they both have the same literal coefficient which is n.


Shaine:Combining the numerical coefficient 1 and -5 will give us -4 then you have to combine the constants +12 and +3 and this will give us +15 therefore n-5n+12+3= -4n+15.

Claire:Okay thanks!!

Shaine: I'll give you another question, 2+4(3n+8) and explain it.

Claire: We have to use distributive law of multiplication that is to multiply 4 to the the terms inside the brackets. 4(3n+8) → 12n+32, so you have to multiply 4 and 3n that gives you 12n and 4 times 8 that gives you 32 and now you have to distribute 4 to each term inside the brackets and that gives us 2+12n+32 and combining similar terms 12+32+2 and by adding 32 and 2 we get 34 so the answer is 12n+34.

Shaine:See it was easy right?




Scribe 12/17/08

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Today in math we made our online portfolio and Mr. Harbeck showed us how to do it

  • First we sign up on this site Wikispaces.
  • Go to sp09eportfolios
  • Click " Join this wiki"
  • Highlight your name and click edit and click on enter link
  • Then click on your name
  • Click the Edit button
  • Type [[toc]] , Language Arts , Math , etc ...
  • Click on Heading 1
  • Press Save and your done

For the Next Scribe is Mark *John Prats*

Carlos 8-73


Scribe Post

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Yesterday we had math test,ALGEBRA.

This are the example for the Algebra and I'll put 3 example.


bring down 3x then solve 2(5x-7) the answer is 10x-14 put them together and it will look like this,

3x+10x-14 then make the bucket 3x+10x=13x then bring down -14 again and equals to,


A number is divided by seven and then decreased by nine.

n divided by 7-9 or n/7-9.

Six less than a number divided by 4 is 25.

6-n divided by 4=25

That's the 3 example.

For the next scribe is Carlos.


The Great Big Book of Algebra by Sebastian

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Chapter 1

Haiku poem,Adding poem
Adding is easy
Like adding two pair's of socks
Then giving one away.

Tanka poem,Subtracting poem

Subtracting is fun
When my friend had four cookies
I subtracted one
And he through one at my head
Because i subtracted two.

Picture poem,Partitive divison poem
How many ynam woH
equal parts strap lauqe
are there in ni ereth era
a pie when nehw eip a
we have three eerth evah ew
people. .elpoep

Free verse poetry,Quotative divison poem
How many positive snowman
are there in a group of negative
pumpkins in a pumpkin store.

P.S This is my first time so if there is any spelling mistakes leave a comment.

Chapter 2

[xtranormal didn't work]

Tim: I'am so smart i can answer any math question in the world.
Bob: oh really then.
Tim: yah give me some questions.
Bob: ok then frist whats n+3-5n+12.
Tim: ok hold on give me a few minutes.
Bob: ok then.
Tim: ok the answer is -6n+15.
Bob: sorry but thats worng.
Tim: WHAT???
Bob: take a few minutes to figure out the right answer.
Tim: ok now where did i go wrong ummmm?
Tim: i add the n to the -5n but i should of subtracted the n from the -5n so it should be -4n+15.
Bob: thats right one more to go.
Tim: ok i am ready.
Bob: ok here is you next question 2+4{3n+8}.
Tim: ok ummmmmm? This is a much harder question give me a few minutes.
Bob: ok ill wait.
Tim: ok i got it its 12n+10.
Bob: wrong.
Bob: take a few minutes to figure it out ok.
Tim: ok where did i go wrong, ummmmmm?
Tim: i know i forgot to multiply 8 by 4, then add the extra 2, which would make it 34 so the answer world be 12n+34.
Bob: yah good job Tim.
Tim: but i got all the questions wrong?
Bob: but you fix them by finding you mistakes and thats what math is about learning from your mistakes and don't forget that ok.
Tim: ok i won't forget it well i have to go now bye.
Bob: bye.

The End

Scribe Post for December 15 2008

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Today in class we had a math test, on combining like terms, algebra .

These are some examples that we did on the test.

6x-(-3x) + 2x-9

6x+ (+3x) + 2x-9

6x + 3x + 2x -9
= 11x - 9

3x + 2(5x-7)

3x + 10x - 14

3x + 10x -14
= 13x -14

A number is divided by seven and then decreased by nine.

n (division sign) 7 - 9

Six less than a number divided by 4 is 25

4 = 25

I choose Alwin Tabbernakk for the next scribe post.

Frank 9-05

, ,

Scribe Post for December 12, 2008

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On Friday we didn't really do anything because
there was a charity presentation going on during our
math period. So we had to stay at the back on the computers
and play one of the math games on the Sargent park blog.
We got to play either battleship

Or this matching game

and we had to write, and answer 10 questions from the game
into our notebooks. Then before the class ended, the presentation
was over and we went back to the smart board and he told us
how to do the next chapter in our poetry.

That is all we did in class.
For next scribe i choose Francis A.

Scribe Post for December 11, 2008

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Today in class we covered all of our homework from yesterday. After, Mr.Harbeck assigned us pages 5 and 23. In page 5, we only had to fill in the blank from 1-8. Which were A,R,Y,S,O,E,I,and D. Then try to fill up some letters in the statement box.

One example:

Next, page 3. All Mr.Harbeck assigned us to do on this page is to simplify each question then fill out the statement below.

One example:

Sorry if my pictures were too big, I couldn't seem to take out the white space.
That is all we did in class because we had our presentations to rehearse.
For the next Scribe I choose JUSTIN P.

Scribe Post for Dec. 10, 2008

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Today Mr. Harbeck taught us about distributive property. Mr. Harbeck assigned page 7 for homework. I' m going to show some examples and how you solve them.

Here is an example of an expression that we needed to answer.
Questions like this can have more than two terms in the brackets.
Here are four other examples about distributive property.

This question says -3 times the sum of a number subtract 4.
This one says 4 times the sum of 6 minus 3 multiply a number plus a number.
This one says -2 multiply the sum of 2 times a number minus 3 plus 6.
This last one says 2 multiply the sum of a number plus 6 minus 2 add 12
Thanks for reading. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.
The next person i choose to do the scribe is Leo.

Scribe Post for Dec. 9

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Hello everyone Today in class Mr.H taught us more about variables,constant, and terms

Here is some Examples:


t, a, n, x




Then we have some homewoek from the pink sheet.

Here is some example questions:

Always remeber to circle then regroup.

here is some more..

For this question all you need to remember is that You always follow the integer rules is you see a negative or positive sign in a Algebra questions like this.

One more thinh is that you always take the sign when regrouping.

Azra's big book of algebra

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Haiku poem (adding, and subtracting)

Positive numbers
and a negative numbers,
is cancelled eachother.

Tanka (partitive division, and multiplying rules)

Division numbers,
Positive and negative
will be negative
multiplication numbers
with zero gives always zero.

Picture poem (quatative division)

have a
with a

partitive rules and quatative rules

when we have a big number
it can divided by a number
we know it is a quatative division number
when we have a partitive division
we can't divide but we can shared a number from a number.

Andrew's Big Book of Algebra

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Addition (Cinquain)

Adding, Gaining
Increasing, Adding, Writing
Simple tool for math.

Subtracting Integers (Picture)

To take away, Diminish
Less than, Decreasing.

Mel's rule (Free Verse)

Simple, All you need to know is
when we multiply even numbers
of negative integers we get positive
for the product.

Qoutative Division (Cinquain)

Groups, Halfing
Question, Goes into, Multiplicative inverse
makes life easier

Chapter 2 Combining like terms and the Distributive Property

Tom: Hey Jim

Jim : Hey Tom

Jim: Hows it going?

Tom:  Nothing just trying to do my homework.

JIm:Oh, thats good 

Jim:what subject are you doing?

Tom:Oh, Im doing my math homework

Jim:ahhh..... I see

Tom:so what are you doing in math?

Jim:o were in algebra were learning the distributive property and combining like terms.

Jim: ahh were learning that too.

Tom:would you help me with this question? 


Jim:well step 1 is you cirlce the terms step 2 you rewrite the question then answer

Jim:let me think.i think the answer is 17+negative5 N

Tom:well I think what you did wrong is that you just added the the algebraic equation. always remember that you always have to follow rules in algebra. 

Jim:O I get it now i need to follow rules in evrything. Thanks alot for coming over man Im glad you helped.

Tom: No prblem man..

Tom:glad I can help

Jim:K im gonna go now Peace

Tom: peace

Second Video:

Bob: whats up fred?

Fred: hey bob nothing much 

Fred: how's you fred?

Bob: Oh, Im fine

Fred: I heard you moved to different school

Bob: yes,  I moved to xavier school

Fred: ahhh, I see

Bob: How about you? 

Fred: Im still in sargent.

Bob:I heard they teach math hard in there

Fred: Yes, 

Fred:were learning about the distributive property and and combining like terms

Bob: ahh. I see

Fred: here im gonna give you some question 2 + 4(3n+8)

Bob:I can probably solve that.

Fred: you kidding I cant even solve that one

Bob:ok here illl start solving it 

Bob:I got 18n+48

Bob:I think you get the answer wrong because you just added it alll up.

Fred:yup I did I suck at math

Fred:Thanks anyways

Bob: No problem

Fred:OK anyways I gotta go. Bye

Bob: Bye

Chapter 4

Justin A's Big Book of Algebra

1:31 PM

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Adding Integers

Adding Integers
Adding Integers is fun

Subtracting Integers

Subtracting Integers
Some negative Integers is Positive
Change the negative to positive

Quotative Division

Quotative Division is like a addition
Only use the same sign
Any numbers you use

Partative Division

Partative Division
Is like giving something
Its a give each person

Chapter 2

Combining like terms and Distributive Property

Kareel's Big Book Of Algebra

11:00 PM

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Adding Integers (Cinquain)




Makes Adding More Exciting

Subtracting Integers (Free verse)

Subtracting Integers does not exist
In The World Of Integers.
When You See A Subtracting Sign
Just Change It Into Addition Sign
That Makes Subtracting More Fun

Quotative Division (Haiku)

Division Is Hard
But If You Study Well
It's Easy As Pie

Rules Of Multiplying ( Free Verse)

The Rule Of Multiplying Is Not That Hard
If You Participate In School You'll Know What To Do
If There is An Odd Amount Of Integers
The Answer Will Be Negative

When Multiplying An Even Amount Of Integers
The Answer Will Be Positive

Chapter 2
Combining like terms and the Distributive Property

Mr.1 : Good morning class

Mr.1 : Where is everyone else

Naruto : They skip school and went trick or treating sir

Naruto : That's why im dress like this because it's halloween sir

Mr.1 : Okay anyways

Mr.1 : Do you need any help from yesterday's homework Naruto?

Naruto : Actually yes sir i do

Naruto : is the answer negative6 n+15? for question n+3minus5+12

Mr.1 : actually it is wrong the answer is negative4n+15

Naruto : How did you get that?

Mr.1 : First you regroup it so that the variable is with the variable like this and 5n+12 then i added the varriable and plus negative 5n which equaled 6n because the n is still counted as a number then i added the posivitive 3 to positive 12 which was 15 so my answer would be -4n+15

Naruto : oh okay i get it now

Mr.1 : do you have anymore work that you dont get Naruto

Naruto : um question #2 is the answer 12n+10?

Mr. 1 : actually it is not wanna answer it again?

Naruto : sure

Naruto : well first i rearange the positive 2

Naruto : then i multiply the four to the brackets then i multiplied 3 to 8 which equaled to 24

Naruto : then the 2 at the end to the 24 because it has no variable and equaled to 26 then the answer of 12n+26

Franks Big Book of Algebra

10:42 PM

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Adding Integers

Adding Integers
Total, Combined
Add, Plus, Increased
Adding Integers is very easy

Subracting Integers

Subtract Integers
The samething as addition
Change the opposite.


Just like division
How many will fit into
Number thats chosen.


Partative division
Is like sharing cards among friends
Giving out evenly to each person
Sharing and giving.


Mel's Rock pile is always the best
because it always helps you on a test
When theirs odd amount of negative integers
your product will become negative
When theirs even amounts
Your product is postive.

Chapter 2.
Combining like terms and the Distributive Property

YOMAMA:Hey Weezy whatcha doing?

Weezy:Oh nothing just trying to study for my math test tomorrow.

YOMAMA:Oh really do you need any help?

Weezy:Well on this question n+3-5n+12 do you know it? i don't really get it.

YOMAMA:hmmm.. oh i think its -6n+15 im pretty shure.

Weezy:oh really how, did you get it?

YOMAMA:oh well first I regrouped it so that the variable is with the variable like this, n-5n+3+12.

Weezy:oh okay.

YOMAMA:Then i added the variables together like this, n+-5n which equaled, -6n, because the n still counted as a number which was one.

Weezy:Oh i think im catching on.

YOMAMA:then i added the positive 3 to positive 12 which was 15. So my answer would be -6 +15.

Weezy:Oh i get it now thanks alot ive been having a hard time in algebra

YOMAMA:no problem if you need help on anymore just tell me.

Weezy:Well there is one more.

YOMAMA:Oh really which one?

Weezy:Oh um this one its, 2 + 4(3n+8)

YOMAMA:Oh that one is really easy.

Weezy:oh really can u help me then?

YOMAMA:Oh well the answer is 12n + 10.

Weezy:oh but how did you get that because tomorrow is the test and the teacher said this question is gonna be on the test.

YOMAMA:Oh first i rearanged the +2 to the back like this 4 (3n+8)+2

Weezy:oh ok

YOMAMA:then i had to multiply the four to the numbers in the brackets like this, 4 times 3n Which equals 12n because you always have to bring the variable. then i multiplied 3 to 8 which equaled 24. Then i added the 2 at the back to the 24 because, it had no variable. Which equaled 26. you get the answer of 12n +26

Weezy:Oh really that sounds so easy. but that isn't the answer you told me earlier.

YOMAMA:OH! you are right the first answer i told you was wrong. sorry, but do you understand how to answer it?

Weezy:Oh it 's ok, and ya i get it thanks a lot!

YOMAMA:no problem! well i gotta go my homies are waiting for me

Vikram's Big Book of Algebra

10:07 PM

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Chapter 1:


Adding is easy

so easy will make you laugh

Add with the brackets


Subtraction is fun

You will take away numbers

Take away, Minus

Subtraction does not exist

You Shall add the opposite

(Free Verse)

Take a deck of cards

Give them equally out

to everyone there

until you have no

more cards


Hard but fun to learn

Negatives and Positives

Easy after learned

(Free Verse)

If there are a even amount

of negative or integers the

sum will be positive

If there is a odd amount of

negative integers the

product shall be negative

If a zero is involved the

product shall be a zero

Chapter 2: (xtra normal did not work)

Yusei: I am ready for any questions you got.
Jack: Oh really?
Yusei: Yes
Jack: Try this one then
Yusei: Sure give me a few minutes.
Jack: Okay.
Yusei: The answer is -6n+15.
Jack: Wrong, now take a few minutes to figure out the right answer.
Yusei: okay...
Yusei: I know where I went wrong, I added the n to the -5n. But I should have subtracted the n from the -5n. Which makes it -4n+15.
Jack: Yes young one.
Yusei: See I'm good.
Jack: But you still have a second question.
Yusei: ahh...
Jack: here it is. 2 + 4(3n+8)
Yusei: This is a harder one... give me some more time.
Jack: Okay
Jack: ( 10 minutes later) Are you done yet?
Yusei: I've been done 8 minutes ago.
Jack: Then what were you doing?
Yusei: Watching Television.
Jack: What ever, so what is your answer?
12n + 10!
Jack: Wrong
Yusei: ahh man.
Jack: Here is the right answer
12n + 34
Yusei: hmm....
Jack: Oh, you already know your mistake?
Yusei: Yes I do...
Jack: Okay what is it?
Yusei: I forgot to multiply 8 by 4 , then add the extra 2, which would have made 34.
Jack: Very well done.
Yusei: Hmm? but I got all the questions wrong.
Jack: But you found what your mistakes were.
Jack: That is what math is all about, learning from your mistakes.
Yusei: I get it now...
Jack: That is what matters
Jack: Well I'm off
Yusei: c ya
Jack: bye
Yusei: ...

Aaron's Big Book of Algebra

8:53 PM

(5) Comments

Integer Poetry

Adding Integers (Haiku)

Adding Integers
positives and negatives
combining numbers

Subtracting Integers (Free Verse)

This operation does not exist
all you actually do is add the opposite
subtracting integers maybe boring
just make sure you don't get caught snoring

Partitive Division (Picture - goes into)
Partitive Division is very easy as long as you have a deck of cards it's cool, it's a breeze, just share the cards fairly

Quotative Division (Haiku)

it is hard to do
it depends on the question
just need time to think

Rule for multiplying

Multiplying integers can be hard
just remember Mel's rock pile
even amount of integers
can get you an even number
but having an odd amount
leads to a negative number

Chapter 2: Combining like Terms and Distributive Property

Student:Dang man! Why am i here?
Teacher:You're here because you're failing math!
Student:What! How am I failing math?
Teacher:There were two questions on the test that was worth a lot of marks. They were n+3-5n+12. The other one is 2+4(3n+8). The answer to the first question is -4n+15. The answer to the second question is 12n+34.
Student:Well, I thought i answered those questions right.
Teacher:I think you should take time on answering these kinds of questions because they can be a bit tricky.
Student:But, i know answered them right.
Teacher:Well, to have answered them right you should've circled the terms first, rewrite the question next, and then answer the question.
Teacher:You should've really double checked your answers. You also forgot to show your work and maybe that's where you made your mistake.
Student:Well i know how to do it in my head.
Teacher:It's a good thing to know how to answer it in your head but you could still show your work on the sheet so the teachers know how you got your answer.
Student:Is this all you need me here for.
Teacher:Yeah, that's all. You can go now.
Student:Well just to tell you, after what you told me, i think i should study more.
Teacher:Well, good for you. Have a nice weekend.
Student:See ya, i have a whole weekend ahead of me.

Chapter 3: One Step Equations





Chapter 4: One Step Equation Movie

Zerlina's Big Book of Algebra

8:41 PM

(9) Comments

Chapter 1: Integer Poetry

Adding Integers: Picture

Subtracting integers: Haiku

minus, decreasing

when subtracting integers,

add the opposite

Quotative Division: Free Verse

Quotative Division,

is not like addition.

Everyone knows that,

except for a rat.

There is a plan,

so we can,

do Quotative Division.

Only use the same sign,

draw a picture.

How many integers

are in an integer?

You found the quotient,

your independent!

Partitive Division: Free Verse

Partitive Division,
can be so very tricky,
but if you use it properly,

it will be less sticky.

if you learn how,

and come across a question,

you'll get through it easily,

and Partitive Division is what you'll be best in.

Try an integer,

such as positive eighteen.

Cut it into six groups,

and you'll get positive three.

If you followed,

the steps I told you,

you'll find the quotient,

and you can say "I know it!"

The Rule for multiplying integers: Free Verse

Multiplying an odd,

amount of negatives,

the product is negative.

Multiplying an even,

amount of negatives,

the product is positive.

Chapter 2

The First video:

Carolina: I love this restaurant, Algebritic.
Daniel: Me too.
Carolina: What do you want?
Daniel: I’ll have a pie.
Carolina: Only a pie?
Daniel: Well it’s free if you can answer this question.
Carolina: What question?
Daniel: n+3-5n+12
Carolina: Oh. But you are not good at math you failed this year. You are going to summer school.
Daniel: You didn’t have to say that out loud and I was hoping you could answer the question for me instead of you paying an awful lot of money.
Carolina: It’s summer; don’t make me do your dirty work for you, besides I’ll just pay for it instead.
Daniel: 10 dollars for a piece of pie, go ahead if you want then.
Carolina: 10 dollars for one piece of pie?!
Daniel: Well yeah, we could just answer the question.
Carolina: Okay then but you try first, it’ll help you with your math skills if you try it, if you get it wrong, I’ll answer it for you, deal?
Daniel: Deal.
Carolina: First of all, you combine like terms, try doing it by your self first and see what you did wrong. The question is n+3-5n+12.
Daniel: Okay…I’m done.
Carolina: What did you get when you combined like terms?
Daniel: -6n+15
Carolina: No, you’ve got it all wrong, that’s the wrong answer.
Daniel: I’m not wrong!
Carolina: No Daniel, you are wrong. Walk me through, what did you do?
Daniel: Okay, I combined like terms like you said, n-5n and 3+12. N-5n is –6n and-
Carolina: See, that’s where you messed up.
Daniel: What? I was taught to do that though.
Carolina: You added instead of doing subtraction. N-5n is –4n.
Daniel: No, it can’t be, I’m…Right.
Carolina: Shhh, it’s okay, everyone makes mistakes. Picture n as 1.
Daniel: I already know that, I just don’t understand integers.
Carolina: What is 1-5?
Daniel: -4
Carolina: Exactly, all of the numbers and letters are screwing you up, just think of it the way I asked you.
Daniel: Okay, I’m starting to get it now.
Carolina: Good, you’ll do well.
Daniel: Thanks for helping me.
Carolina: No problem! Now lets get that pie!

Here is the second movie:

Daniel: So what are you getting?
Carolina: I don’t know what is there?
Daniel: Take a look at the menu.
Carolina: Okay…I guess I’ll have some fried chicken with fries.
Daniel: But there is another integer question.
Carolina: Ohhh, not again.
Daniel: The question is 2 + 4(3n+8)
Carolina: Oh no! Not again!
Daniel: I’ll answer for you if you don’t wa-
Carolina: Nah, you might get it wrong again.
Daniel: Fine then.
Carolina: Okay, I’ve got it, 12n + 10.
Daniel: No, that’s wrong!
Carolina: No, it’s not, I’m smarter than you!
Daniel: Yeah I know, but you make mistakes sometimes.
Carolina: Fine then but I doubt I made a mistake, show me Mr. I know more!
Daniel: Sorry but I’m just helping, anyways, for this question I use Distributive Property, 4(3n) is 12n.
Carolina: Yes, I know, I don’t see what I did wrong though.
Daniel: Wait let me talk. After that, 4(8) is 32. Son now we have 2+12n+32 we combine like terms, 2+32 is 34. And the way we simplify it, it turns out to be 34+12n.
Carolina: Man, where did you learn that all of a sudden, Daniel, I’m supposed to be the smarter one? But you were right for once. I’m not the best in Distributive Property, I didn’t get it but now, after you explained it, I’m starting to get it.
Daniel: Well, you helped me, so I helped you.
Carolina: Who said you helped me?
Daniel: Well, I did. You know, just because your smarter than me doesn’t mean you have to be all rude.
Carolina: Stay calm, I was just joking.
Daniel: Oh sorry about that.
Carolina: No problem. But I’m getting hungry now lets order our food!

Chapter 3 One Step Equation Solving

The four questions I choose were:

-Additive n+3=9
-Subtractive n-4=3
-Multiplicative 2n=10
-Divisive n/2=5

Here is my additive picture.


Here is my subtractive picture.


Here is my multiplicative picture.


Here is my divisive picture.


Chapter 4

Kristin's Big Book of Algebra

8:05 PM

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Chapter 1 : Integer poetry

Adding Integers - Haiku

Adding integers
Positives and negatives
Cancel each other

Partitive Division - Free Verse

Partitive division
Is like dealing cards
How many equal parts
Are in two groups
When we have
Negative six?

Subtracting Integers - Tanka

It does not exist
Instead, add the opposite
Then add normally
Subtracting integers is
Not hard now that you know how

Quotative Division - Haiku

How many groups of
Positive seven are in
Positive fourteen?

Rules for Multiplying - Free Verse

When multiplying integers
And there is an even amount of
Negative integers, or no negative integers
The product is positive

If there is an odd amount
Of negative integers
The product is negative

Thanks for reading!

Chapter Two:

Combining like terms and the Distributive Property

Hi! Just so you know(if you didn't already), my characters are Sakka and Momo(I know he's a lemur) from Avatar. Also(again, if you didn't already know) Sakka in a guy.

Sakka: Hi Momo!

Momo: Hey Sakka!

Sakka: Hey Momo, I was wondering.... Is n+3-5n+12 simplified, -6n+15?

Momo: AHAHAH! Ha ha ha lol ha ha!

Sakka: Waaa! If I'm wrong just tell me!

Momo: You're wrong.

Sakka: Waaa!What did I do wrong?

Momo: You added the positive n to the negative 5n instead of canceling(zero pairs).

Sakka: Well then, what should I have done?

Momo: Well first you regroup it. It would then be n-5n+3+12.

Sakka: Ok...
Momo: Then you add the variables and the integers. So n-5n would be -4n, and 3+12 is 15. So it would be -4n+15.
Sakka: Wow! You can solve anything!
Mom: Well yes. Almost...

Sakka: Can you help me with this question? 2+4(3n+8).
Momo: Well first I multiply the 3n and the 8 by 4 because the 4 was touching the bracket. Then I brought down the two and got 2+12n+32.
Sakka: That makes sense.
Momo: Next I combine the like terms, so it will be 12n+2+32.
Sakka: Yeah...
Momo: Which means my final simplified answer is 12n+34.
Sakka: What?! How did you get that? I thought it was 12n + 10?
Momo: Oh, you must have forgotten to multiply the 8. Its ok.
Sakka: Please don't tell Katara.
Momo: sigh, fine.

Thanks for reading!

Chapter 3

Hi there! These are the questions I chose to do:

  • Additive - 6+n = 9

  • Subtractive - -3 = -6+n

  • Multiplicative - 2n = 10

  • Divisive - n/3 = 4

Remember, what you do to one side, you must do to the other.

Additive - 6+n = 9

Subtractive - -3 = -6+n

Multiplicative - 2n = 10

Divisive - n/3 = 12

Chapter 4

Yay! It's our video! I really hope you enjoy watching it. Sorry for all the mistakes. I did not get enough sleep. \(-_-\)

Again, sorry for the mistakes in the video, but I really hoped you enjoyed watching it and reading my post. If my computer miraculously lets me put the video up then I will, but until then thanks for reading!

Great Big Book Of Algebra

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The Big Book of Algebra

Adding Integers(Haiku)

Adding Integers,
is really easy,
combing numbers.

Subtracting Integers

Quotative Division

How many Positive four are in Positive 12?

Partitive(free verse)
Partitive Division,
it like dividing them,
but its like playing cards,
but you have to do it fairly.

"The Rule for Multiplication"
It is really easy,
if you have the same sign it will be positive,
and if the sign is different it will be negative.