Darren's Big Book of Algebra

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Chapter one



(Adding Integers)-Haiku

Adding Integers,

Get the sum by adding them

1 2 3 your done



(Subtracting Integers)-Picture

Subtracting Integers, never - always +

You never can subtract cause that's just whack



(Partitive Division)- Free verse

This is very easy

You'll think this is kind of cheesy

Its sharing your favourite toy

With everyone you know like Roy

Don't forget multiplicative inverse.



(Quotative Division)- picture

Quotative Division you use your mind

How many groups can you find

Hurry before you get blind



(Rule for Multiplying Integers) -Free verse

The rule for multiplying is not as hard as you think

if you take a while you'll wink.

If you have diffrent integers it will turn negative.

If you have the same it will turn positive.



Chapter 2 :

Combining like terms and the Distribute Property

characters : Ricoo and Lardecoo.

place : Mathiscool st.

One day Ricco and Lardecoo was having a coffee, walking down Mathiscool street. When they were going to throw away the rest of there coffee they noticed a question under the cup.

Ricoo " What does it say ? "

Lardecoo " It says N+3-5n+12 "

Ricoo " Thats a hard question "

----- Silence for 20 secounds ---

Lardecoo " This question is easy if you take the N times the 12 minus the 5 it equals -6n+15 "

Lardecoo " smilly face "

Ricoo " That cannot be right "

Lardecoo " yes it is "

Ricoo " no its not "

Lardecoo " yes it is "
Ricoo " no its not "

Lardecoo " yes it is "
Ricoo " no its not "

Ricco "This is how you get the answer

Circle the first number, then you look for the same number which is -5n "

Lardecoo " ohhhhhh "

Ricoo " Now you circle the nest number which is 3 and find the same number agian which is +12 this time "

Lardecoo " ohhhhh "
Ricoo " yeap ... "

Ricoo " now you regroup them "

Ricoo " n-5n+3+12"

Ricoo " Now make buckets to seperate them "

n-5n equals bucket

+3+12 equals bucket

now you do the math

n-5n equals -4n

and +3+12 equals +15

Lardecoo " SOO the answer is -4n+15 "

Ricoo " yes your right "

Chapter 3 One step Equation Solving

math sps3

math sps2

math sps

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bea873 said :
December 5, 2008 at 5:26 PM
Nice work Darren but you have a spelling mistakes but that's ok good job! Darren
kristin8-73 said :
December 5, 2008 at 8:44 PM
I really liked your poems! You had a few spelling mistakes but it was ok. They had some nice humour in them and they made sense.
louisse873 said :
December 5, 2008 at 10:46 PM
nice work, even though you have a spelling mistakes it's ok atleast you have a good poem, good job!=]
gerico873 said :
December 6, 2008 at 11:48 PM
GOOD JOB DARREN!nice poem!:)

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