The Great Big Book of Algebra

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Chapter One: Integer poetry

Type of poem: Tanka

Title: Adding

Adding integers,

Sometimes it's quite confusing.

When you can't answer,

You still find it amusing.

Easy task, thanks for readers.

Type of poem: Tanka

Title: The Pessimist (Subtraction)

I'm a pessimist

You'll find me the most fiercest.

Just make me happy,

And give zero pairs to me.

Then your problem will be solved...

Type of poem: Free verse

Title: Mocking Kid (partitive division)

Once upon a time,

When words doesn't rhyme,

A kid asked a question,

That will give you confusion.

He said, "Can you answer my dreading question?"

I answered back "Any question, I'm the best person!

He said mockingly, " Really?"

He took out a piece of paper, so crinkly.

Written on it is PARTITIVE DIVISION.

That sounds common.

I knew the answer right in my head.

If that kid mocks me again he would be dead.

"Partitive division is like playing a card game,

Giving equal amount of cards to your comrade."

"Now I get it, thanks!" he said leaving.

"You're welcome." I said waving.

Type of poem: Free verse

Title: The Kid of Destruction and Question (quotative division)

In the world of geniuses,

A kid caused destruction.

That caused everyone drudges.

So I went into action.

I talked to it, having no fear.

It only want to ask a question!

I listened to it with both ears.

It said, "Six divided by two!"

I know the answer in my head too.

It said, "Answer it using quotative division."

I replied, "No problem, I learned this in grade two!"

"You just have to write a sentence like this...

... How many twos are in six?"

"Oh, so it's like finding how many twos can fit in six?" it said.

" You got it." I pled.

" Thank you very much!" It said.

"Your welcome." I replied.

So, then it fled...

Far way to cause destruction.

Type: Cinquain

Title: Theorem (The Rule for Multiplying Integers/ Mel's Rockpile Theorem)


Helpful, easy

Creating, proving, answering

Helps you understand better


Chapter Two: Script

Part One:

Larten: How's it going?

Arra: I'm fine, except for one thing.

Larten: What is it, I'll be happy to help.

Arra: I forgot how to combine like terms and distributive property.

Larten: I'll teach you.

Arra: n+ 3 -5n +12

Larten: I'll let you answer it first.

Arra: I think the answer is -6n + 15

Larten: -4n + 15

Arra: What's my mistakes and steps?

Larten: First, you have to circle the like terms, then rewrite the statement. Finally, simplify.

Arra: You forgot to tell me my mistakes.

Larten: You forgot to take the negative sign with the five. So instead of -5n and n it's 5n and n.

Part Two

Arra: Now let's move on to the distributive property.

Larten: Come on I don't have time!

Arra: I'm hurrying!

Larten: Guess what's the answer first.

Arra: 12n+ 10

Larten: First, identify the terms, then multiply the terms.

Arra: Ok then.

Larten: I think that you only multiplied 4 and 3n, you forgot to multiply 8 and four. So, you probably added 8 and 2.

Arra: It's so easy!

Larten: You're welcome.

Arra: Bye!

Chapter 3: One Step Equations

Chapter 4: Algebra Tiles

This is a videro we made in class. About algebra tiles. Enjoy!

algebra tiles from Louie Angela on Vimeo.

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