Zerlina's Big Book of Algebra

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Chapter 1: Integer Poetry

Adding Integers: Picture

Subtracting integers: Haiku

minus, decreasing

when subtracting integers,

add the opposite

Quotative Division: Free Verse

Quotative Division,

is not like addition.

Everyone knows that,

except for a rat.

There is a plan,

so we can,

do Quotative Division.

Only use the same sign,

draw a picture.

How many integers

are in an integer?

You found the quotient,

your independent!

Partitive Division: Free Verse

Partitive Division,
can be so very tricky,
but if you use it properly,

it will be less sticky.

if you learn how,

and come across a question,

you'll get through it easily,

and Partitive Division is what you'll be best in.

Try an integer,

such as positive eighteen.

Cut it into six groups,

and you'll get positive three.

If you followed,

the steps I told you,

you'll find the quotient,

and you can say "I know it!"

The Rule for multiplying integers: Free Verse

Multiplying an odd,

amount of negatives,

the product is negative.

Multiplying an even,

amount of negatives,

the product is positive.

Chapter 2

The First video:

Carolina: I love this restaurant, Algebritic.
Daniel: Me too.
Carolina: What do you want?
Daniel: I’ll have a pie.
Carolina: Only a pie?
Daniel: Well it’s free if you can answer this question.
Carolina: What question?
Daniel: n+3-5n+12
Carolina: Oh. But you are not good at math you failed this year. You are going to summer school.
Daniel: You didn’t have to say that out loud and I was hoping you could answer the question for me instead of you paying an awful lot of money.
Carolina: It’s summer; don’t make me do your dirty work for you, besides I’ll just pay for it instead.
Daniel: 10 dollars for a piece of pie, go ahead if you want then.
Carolina: 10 dollars for one piece of pie?!
Daniel: Well yeah, we could just answer the question.
Carolina: Okay then but you try first, it’ll help you with your math skills if you try it, if you get it wrong, I’ll answer it for you, deal?
Daniel: Deal.
Carolina: First of all, you combine like terms, try doing it by your self first and see what you did wrong. The question is n+3-5n+12.
Daniel: Okay…I’m done.
Carolina: What did you get when you combined like terms?
Daniel: -6n+15
Carolina: No, you’ve got it all wrong, that’s the wrong answer.
Daniel: I’m not wrong!
Carolina: No Daniel, you are wrong. Walk me through, what did you do?
Daniel: Okay, I combined like terms like you said, n-5n and 3+12. N-5n is –6n and-
Carolina: See, that’s where you messed up.
Daniel: What? I was taught to do that though.
Carolina: You added instead of doing subtraction. N-5n is –4n.
Daniel: No, it can’t be, I’m…Right.
Carolina: Shhh, it’s okay, everyone makes mistakes. Picture n as 1.
Daniel: I already know that, I just don’t understand integers.
Carolina: What is 1-5?
Daniel: -4
Carolina: Exactly, all of the numbers and letters are screwing you up, just think of it the way I asked you.
Daniel: Okay, I’m starting to get it now.
Carolina: Good, you’ll do well.
Daniel: Thanks for helping me.
Carolina: No problem! Now lets get that pie!

Here is the second movie:

Daniel: So what are you getting?
Carolina: I don’t know what is there?
Daniel: Take a look at the menu.
Carolina: Okay…I guess I’ll have some fried chicken with fries.
Daniel: But there is another integer question.
Carolina: Ohhh, not again.
Daniel: The question is 2 + 4(3n+8)
Carolina: Oh no! Not again!
Daniel: I’ll answer for you if you don’t wa-
Carolina: Nah, you might get it wrong again.
Daniel: Fine then.
Carolina: Okay, I’ve got it, 12n + 10.
Daniel: No, that’s wrong!
Carolina: No, it’s not, I’m smarter than you!
Daniel: Yeah I know, but you make mistakes sometimes.
Carolina: Fine then but I doubt I made a mistake, show me Mr. I know more!
Daniel: Sorry but I’m just helping, anyways, for this question I use Distributive Property, 4(3n) is 12n.
Carolina: Yes, I know, I don’t see what I did wrong though.
Daniel: Wait let me talk. After that, 4(8) is 32. Son now we have 2+12n+32 we combine like terms, 2+32 is 34. And the way we simplify it, it turns out to be 34+12n.
Carolina: Man, where did you learn that all of a sudden, Daniel, I’m supposed to be the smarter one? But you were right for once. I’m not the best in Distributive Property, I didn’t get it but now, after you explained it, I’m starting to get it.
Daniel: Well, you helped me, so I helped you.
Carolina: Who said you helped me?
Daniel: Well, I did. You know, just because your smarter than me doesn’t mean you have to be all rude.
Carolina: Stay calm, I was just joking.
Daniel: Oh sorry about that.
Carolina: No problem. But I’m getting hungry now lets order our food!

Chapter 3 One Step Equation Solving

The four questions I choose were:

-Additive n+3=9
-Subtractive n-4=3
-Multiplicative 2n=10
-Divisive n/2=5

Here is my additive picture.


Here is my subtractive picture.


Here is my multiplicative picture.


Here is my divisive picture.


Chapter 4

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gerico873 said :
December 5, 2008 at 9:24 PM
NICE POEM!Nice words...Nice colours:D
bea873 said :
December 5, 2008 at 10:06 PM
nice work Zerlina it's very colourful and you use the picture nice great work!
louisse873 said :
December 5, 2008 at 10:39 PM
nice work zerlina. i like the way you use colourful words and the picture too. nice poem..Ü
December 5, 2008 at 11:34 PM
Great Job Lina! I like the way you used colour. A suggestion would be to put spaces inbetween each poem. Also beside your picture poem maybe put those two poems underneath, up to you. Great Job again!
azra873 said :
December 6, 2008 at 11:44 AM
you did a great job Zerlina.I like your all poems.
simran 8-73 said :
December 7, 2008 at 3:18 PM
Good Job Zerlina, your poems are very well done, but you should probably fix the arrangement of the poems to make it look even.
angela8-73 said :
December 7, 2008 at 4:34 PM
Good use of colors, nice poems.. Good job! Oh yeah.. I agree with Simran. Fix it so it's all even.
xtian-73 said :
December 7, 2008 at 8:21 PM
Nice work zerlina especially in the adding integer. Ive never think of that.
xtian-73 said :
December 7, 2008 at 8:21 PM
Nice work zerlina especially in the adding integer. Ive never think of that.

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