Great Big Book of Algebra

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Chapter 1: Integer Poetry

Adding Integers


Think money for this
Remember: have, owe, pairs, tiles
Number lines work too

Subtracting Integers


Add the opposite
No such thing as subtraction
In other words: add

Partitive Division


2 goes into 6
It equals positive 3
In partitive, it's
How many equal parts are
in 2 groups when we have 6?

Quotative Division


Quotative would be
"How many 2s are in 6?"
The answer is 3.
P.S. That's positive 3
Question: 2 goes into 6

The "Rule for Multiplying"

Free Verse

When there's an odd
Amount of negative
The product
Is negative.
And if there is
An even amount
of negative integers
The product
Is positive.
And its rules.

Chapter 2: Combining like terms and the Distributive Property
(Hamster [or at least I think they might be hamsters] version)

Cinderella: I wonder what the answer to n+3-5n+12 is. I think it's -6n+15.
Edward Cullen: No, it isn't. You've made a mistake.
Cinderella: How would YOU know?
Edward Cullen: Because... I'm Edward Cullen.
Cinderella: That's so unfair. Not EVERYONE can be you.
Edward Cullen: So let's talk about this problem. Why do you think it's -6n+15?
Cinderella: I think the question should be why shouldn't it be -6n+15.
Edward Cullen: I see, well let's start from the beginning then.
Cinderella: You're not listening to me are you?
Edward Cullen: You're right. Let's circle the variables since the n is first.
Cinderella: I'm not saying anything about that though.
Edward Cullen: Hey, you did this part correctly. Good job. You even took the sign with you.
Cinderella: ... Fine, I'll play along.
Edward Cullen: So rewrite it.
Cinderella: n-5n+3+12. Let's speed this up, I have a ball to get to. I get it. n-5n next. I don't see how I'm wrong though.
Edward Cullen: What do you think n-5n is?
Cinderella: -6n
Edward: WRONG. Try again. Why do you think it's -6n?
Cinderella: If you add n to 5n, it's 6n plus the negative equals -6n.
Edward: That's where you're wrong. n and -5n equals -4n. You were so close. You get an F.
Cinderella: Well let's see you try to answer THIS. 2+4(3n+8)
Edward: 12n+34. Let me "guess", you thought it was 12n+10? Oh, so wrong. Don't deny it, I'm a mind reader. You got 12n right. You identified the terms and for that I'm proud but you didn't multiply the terms correctly. You added 2 to 8? That's stupid. It's 4 multiplied by 8. I hope you know that's 32. After that, you bring down the 2 and I already told you to simplify before because you only need one variable and one constant but I guess you never listen what with your tea parties and all. Anyway it'd be 2+12n+32 which simplified would be 12n+34 and I did that all in my HEAD.
Cinderella: ... You talk too much.

Chapter 3: Onestep Equation Solving

Chapter 4

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kristin8-73 said :
December 5, 2008 at 8:50 PM
Great job Aleiah! Your poems made sense and had some humour in tham. I just think that maybe you could use some more color.
December 10, 2008 at 5:20 PM
Great Job Aleiah! I agree with Kristin that you need some more colour. Your poems made lots of sense and very funny.
kara 8-73 said :
February 11, 2009 at 8:55 PM
Nice work Aleiah! I really liked your video, it was funny, and it helped me to understand algebra better! All the rest of your GBBOA was good too!

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