Bea's Great Big Book of Algebra

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Bea's Great Big Book of Algebra
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Chapter 1 Integer Poetry

Adding Integer(Haiku)
Positive numbers
Produce positive answer
If add together

Subtracting Integer(Haiku)
When you're subtracting
Integers are in bracket
Sure to clean up first

Partitive Division Integer(Free Verse)
When we have to divide
Integers that have even amount
What we get as quotient
Has positive in sign and form

Quotative Division Integer (Free Verse)
Where as when we multiply
Negative integers that are even in amount
The product of which we go by
To be positive simplified top to bottom

Rules of Multiplying( )

Chapter 2:Combining like terms and the Distributive property

Watson and Holmes were friends and they working in their algebra subject.

How are you today?
I am fine. How about you?
I am having problem with our algebra subject.
Holmes: Oh! about combining like terms and the distributive property?
Watson: Yes that's it. My answer on the first question n+3-5n+12 is -6n+15. Am I correct?
I don't think that's the correct answer.You have to combine integers with same constant or variable.n-5n is -4n.3+12 is 15. The correct answer is -4n+15.
Oh! I get it. What about the second problem?
It is about the distributive property.2+4(3n+8).What is your answer to that question?
Watson: I think the answer is 12n+10.Am I wrong or right on this one?
I've got different answer than you have.
What is it and how are you able to arrive with the correct answer?
Holmes: It is simple. Just simplify first the ones in the parenthesis. In this case ,simplify first 4(3n+8)which means you must multiply those inside the parenthesis by 4,which will give you 4(3n)+4(8) or 12n+32 , then you combine with the remaining integer which on this case is 2.You add 2 and 32 which is 34 then add 12n.So the answer must be 12n +34.
Watson:Oh! I see what went wrong with my answer I only multiply 4 by 3n and just added 2 with 8.I should have multiply 8 by 4 then add it to 2. It is great to have a conversation with you.Now I know what is the proper procedure in combining like terms as well as how to work about distributive property thank you Holmes.
watch this..

Chapter 3

I choose to do this questions:

Additive- 3+x=9
You had to remember that you have to do what you've done in the other side to the other side..


Subtractive- -4=-9+y

Chapter 4
We have to do a movie or a video in a group and I am in a 3
with Any and Lance and this are,our video I hope you enjoy it.


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Zerlina 873 said :
December 4, 2008 at 7:00 PM
I like your poems. You made a spelling mistake. But your poems were great, Good job Bea!
angela8-73 said :
December 4, 2008 at 7:37 PM
Yeah. Zerlina is right. Your poems are good though.
shaine873 said :
December 4, 2008 at 7:53 PM
Yeah I agree with them..Your poems are good but you have a spelling mistake..and you're supposed to used three styles of poetry..right??(i'm not sure about it though..haha)..over all you did a great job!!!=D
azra873 said :
December 6, 2008 at 11:50 AM
good job Bea. Your poems are very good but I am also agree with Zerlina you did some spelling mistake but great work.
December 16, 2008 at 9:04 PM
Great Job! You have a couple spelling mistakes,Also the label should be Xtranormal. Great Job again!

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