The Great big book of algebra by:Kara

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Adding Integers-Tanka poem
Adding integers
positives and negatives
make a number line
use have and owe to add them
always look for zero pairs

Subtracting Integers-Free verse
When you subtract
just remember this fact
we never really are subtracting
instead, we are adding
the opposite number as you may see
simple as that, easy as can be

Partitive Division-Free verse
Partitive division has equal parts
these equal parts go into groups
these groups are made of numbers
these numbers can be positive or negative

Quotative Division- Tanka
Quotative Division
putting numbers into groups
here is an example
put two's into six equal groups
equal negatives or none

The "Rule for Multiplying", Mel's rock pile- picture (rule book)

Chapter#2-Combining like terms and the Distributive property



Spy:Can you answer a question? If you get it wrong .....I'll have to ask you another question!

Ninja:whats the question?


(Long Pause)

Ninja:OK, I think I have the answer, you just have to simplify the question, right?


Ninja:OK, then the answer is -6n+15.

Spy:Um, that's not the correct answer.

Ninja:Yes it is!

Spy:Did you combine like terms?


Spy:Then that's probably why you got the wrong answer! Here I'll show you.
First you have to put the variables together, for example the n, and the -5n.

Spy:Then you put the integers (constants) together, for example the 3, and the 12. Now your question should be like this. n-5n+3+12.

Ninja: Oh now I see what I did wrong.

Spy:Now you combine the n and the -5n, and that should give you -4n, because the n is positive, so you would be adding a positive to a negative 5.

Spy:Now you just add the 3 and the 12, and that should give you 15.


Spy:Yeah, so you should get -4n+15.

Ninja:Now I get it! Thanks for the help

Spy:No problem, now I have to go..... save the world! But I will be back to ask that other math question!

Ninja:OK, bye!


Spy:I'm back!

Ninja: Hi again!

Spy: I have your other question for you to answer.

Ninja: OK, bring it on!

Spy: 2+4(3n+8)

Ninja: I know the answer to that one!

Spy: Me too, it's 12n+10!

Ninja: HAHAHA no it's not! You didn't use the Distributive property, did you?


Ninja: OK here's what you should have done. First of all you should just forget that the 2 is even there... put it in the back of your mind for a little while. Now you multiply the 4 and the 3n, and you should get...... 12n. Now you multiply the 4 and the 8, so that you get 32. You now bring back the 2 and combine it with the 32 to get 34. Since there is nothing to combine with the 12n, you just leave it alone. Finally, you have 12n+34... the RIGHT answer!

Spy: OK now I see what I did wrong.

Spy: you really are good at math!

Ninja: Yep, now I have to go to my secret ninja training.

Spy: I see I see, OK then bye!

Ninja: See you soon!

Video #1, Combining like terms

Video #2, the Distributive Property

Chapter #3-One Step Equation Solving

Here is my additive one step equation picture-

Here is my subtractive one step equation picture-

Here is my multiplicative one step equation picture-

Here is my divisive one step quation picture-

Chapter #4-Integer video

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December 5, 2008 at 11:26 PM
Great Job! I like how you used colour. Maybe make the letters bigger. Also In your title Big Book and Alegebra should be capitalized. Great job again.
azra873 said :
December 6, 2008 at 11:43 AM
good job Kara. You are a really good poet.I like your poems.

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