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In november we learn how we can divided integers. For divided integers we have to know two rules, like
*when we divided integers and there are a even amount of nagetive integers the queoent is positive.
*when we divided integers and there are a odd amount of negative integers the queoent is negative. some examples are:
(-) (-) (+) = (+)
(-) (-) (-) (+) = (+)
In class we divided integers
-42/6 = -7
9/-3 = -3
For divided integers its very importent to know, what integers is quatative and what is partitive or both. like if we find or can divided numbers that is quatative, in partitive we have a smaller number that we can't divided into groups but we can share. examples
12/-3= -4 (quatative)
-3/12= -4 (partitive)
12/3 = 4 (both)
now Iwant to tell about maltiplicative inverse, like
48/ -48 = -1 that is a example of maltiplicative inverse.
we can know the answer by multiplying


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