Skills Work - Adding Mixed Numbers

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Hello. I'm here to show you how to add mixed numbers.
Here are 10 easy steps on how to do it. Although, some steps aren't nessessary, depending on what kind of question you're dealing with.

1) write down the question
2) add the whole numbers
3) put the sum on the other side of the equal sign
4) if the denominators aren't the same, you need to find the LCD (Least Common Denominator)
- find the multiples for each denominator until you get a number that both denominators have
5) for both sides of the equal sign, do this: (LCD/D)N=NN
- Least Common Denominator divided by Denominator times Numerator equals New Numerator
6) add the fractions
7) if the sum is an improper fraction, convert it into a mixed number
- divide the numerator by the denominator (subtraction doesn't always work)
- instead of having a remainder, that number will be the numerator
- rewrite your mixed fraction
8) now just add this sum to your whole number on the other side of the equal sign
9) simplify if nessessary
10) there's your answer

*simplifying basically means to make the pieces of the whole smaller*

- if the question you're answering, is a word problem, don't forget the simple sentence
- if there's a unit, don't forget it in your simple sentence
- if there are brackets in the question, do them first before you do the outside
- subtraction uses the same steps, but instead of adding, it's subtracting
- if you're adding more than 2 fractions, use the same steps, and make sure you find the LCD for all of the fractions

Now here's an example:

There you go. I hope all of this makes sense to you. If not, you should go talk to Mr.Harbeck.
Thanks for checking this out, and please leave a comment (:


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