Aaron's Last Fraction Post

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Adding Fractions

Adding Mixed Numbers

Subtracting Fractions

Multiplying Fractions
Multiply both the numerators and denominators

Multiplying Mixed Numbers
Step 1: convert the mixed numbers into improper numbers
Step 2: multiply
Step 3: divide the numerator by denominator

Dividing Fractions
use a ratio table or use reciprocals

Dividing Mixed Numbers
Step 1: convert into improper fractions
Step 2: use reciprocal

Word Problems

1.) One day in Winnipeg with 10 1/2 hours of daylight, was sunny 1/3 of that time. For how many hours was it sunny that day.

2.) It takes 2 1/4 scoops of flour to make one cake. How many cakes do 15 scoops of flour make?



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