Skills Work - Dividing Fractions

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Hello, I'm here to show you how to divide fractions. Just by following these 8 simple steps, you'll find the answer to whatever question you're trying to figure out.

1) write the question vertically
2) if you're dividing with mixed fractions, convert them into improper fractions
3) if you're dividing with a whole number, that number will be the numerator, and the denominator is one
4) find the reciprical of the second ___?
5) multiply the reciprical by the fraction you're dividing
6) multiply both top and bottom
7) simplify if nessessary
8) if your final answer is an improper fraction, convert it back into a mixed fraction

- if the question you're answering, is a word problem, don't forget the simple sentence
- if there's a unit, don't forget it in your simple sentence

Now here are 2 examples:

Well, thanks for checking out my skills post on how to divide fractions, and I hope you all understand what I've done.
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