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Adding Fractions

In order to add fractions, you first need to have a common denominator. You can get the common denominator by listing some multiples and seeing which one they have in common. Or you can multiply the denominators together.

Once you have the same denominators, all you have to do is add the numerators.
Here is my example:

Remember that whatever you do to the bottom, you must do to the top.

Adding Mixed Fractions
It's the same as adding fractions. You must have the same denominators.

Subtracting Fractions
To subtract fractions, you (once again) must have the same denominator. Once you have that, just subtract the numerators.

Multiplying Fractions
When you multiply fractions, you multiply the numerators, then multiply the denominators.

Multiplying Mixed Fractions
To multiply mixed fractions, change the mixed fraction to an improper fraction, then multiply the numerators and denominators.

Dividing Fractions
There are a few ways you can divide fractions. The first is by using a ratio table.

Dividing Mixed Fractions

This time, I will also show you how to solve it using a reciprocal. It is the inverse of the denominator.
Word Problems

Problem 2 I used division to solve this problem.

Problem 3

In order to find a portion of a fraction, multiply the fractions.

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good job! your pictures are great and i like your use of color.

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