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To add fractions:

First find the common denominator (one way of doing this is by multiplying the denominators).

Second, convert the fractions so it's over that common denominator (ie. if the common denominator is 6, and you have 1/2, make it so they're equivalent).

Third, add normally? (well not normally, but like 2/5 + 3/5 = 5/5. That type of stuff)

To subtract fractions:

Pretty much the same as adding fractions but you subtract.

To multiply fractions:

Multiply the numerators and multiply the denominators. If you have a mixed number, convert it to improper fractions and multiply. If your answer is an improper fraction, convert to mixed number.

To divide fractions:

If you don't want to use pictures (well I dont) then you can use a T-chart or a sideways thing (like a t-chart except flipped). What you have to do is if you have something like 1/2 divided by 1/3, 1/2 goes on the left side of the T-chart or the top part of the sideways thing and 1/3 goes on the right or the bottom. On the T-chart, you have to make the right side equal 1 then do the same thing you did (no adding or subtracting) to the left side. On the sideways thing, you have to multiply the bottom by its reciprical (is that spelt right?) and multiply the top by the bottom's reciprical too. If your answer is an improper fraction, convert to mixed number.

Word Problems

It takes 2 1/4 scoops of flour to make one cake. How many cakes can 15 scoops of flour make?

One day in Winnipeg with 10 1/2 hours of daylight, it was sunny for 1/3 of that time. For how many hours was it sunny that day?

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