ARTIFACTS(Pythagarean theorem)

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Pythagorean Theorem
BY: Pythagoras

  • Pythagoras is a greek guy.
  • First person who started vegitarian .
  • Pythagoras is the inventor of the pythgorean theorem.
  • Born between 580BC to 572Bc.

A right triangle(Right anlgled triangle or also known as R.A.T) of a long side which is opposite to the right angle, that long side is called hypotenuse.

A triangle also consist of two short lines they are called legs, the legs are combined together to make ninety degrees.

Each side of the square has ninety degree angles.If you add up all the sides, the sum is 360 degrees.

-if you combine both right triangles two beta and thetha will combine and adds up to 90 degrees each(theta + beta= 90 degree)

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What is the Pythagorean theorem,And why does Mr. Harbeck care, in grade 8 math?
  • The Pythagorean theorem is an a+b=c equation.
  • The Pythagoren theorem is also used in every day life.
    Proof 1:
    To get the C you need to follow the formula, (a+b=c).
    This formula shows that the the c is made up of a and b.

For example the measurement of a is 6cm, and the measurement of b is 8cm long. What would be the c's measurement, or the hypotenuse's measurement?

Now to get the a or the b, you can do the same formula or, you can do the short cut.
Here is the explanation:
For example you have a hypotenuse size is 10 and b is 8. try to get the a.

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