The Pythagorean Theorem

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I will be talking about Pythagoras and his Theorem.

This was the first artifact.

Pythagoras was born in 569 BCE. He was greek and a vegan. He was the father of mathimatics, the father of geometry, the father of music, the father of harmonix, father of merchant, father of philosiphy, which is love of wisdom, father of vegetarians of Egypt, and the founding fourth father of western civilization. He was a very smart man (because he is the father of almost everything). He discovered mathematical relationships for the musical intervals, harmontix ratios, and the overtone series. He thought that using harmatic frequeceis and sound, that you could heal the sick. He was the first person to think of music, as medicine. He aplied priciples of harmonix to everything such as music, art, architecture, ect. He lived for about 100 years. He discoverd the theorem - a^{2}+b^{2}=c^{2}. He was the first known westerner to clear, earth round. He discoverd that the earth was a sphere. He discoverd lots to do with the solar system and the sun. He lived in Egypt for most of his life. (Was he ever smart!)

This is the second artifact.
-If you know the meausurement of at least 2 sides of the triangle (a,b or c) you can find the third side using this theorem.
-Pythagoras discoverd this theorem.
-His theorem required a right triangle (R.A.T).
-He discoved that the sum of the square on the two legs are equal to the square on the hypotenuse.

This the third artifact.

-This artifact is a right triangle (R.A.T).
-It is part of the theorem that Pythagoras proved.
-The right triangle has one 90 degree angle.
-The triangle is half of a rectagle or a square.
-The whole triangle equals 180 degrees.
-Theta and beta = 90 degrees

This is the fourth artifact.

-This artifact is a square.
-It has four 90 degree angles.
-This square is 2 right triangles (RAT) put together.
-Is a quadrilateral
-Is a total of 360 degrees


Hypotenuse- the longest side of a right triangle (the side across from the right angle)

R.A.T- Right Angled Triangle (a triangle with a 90 degree angle)

Theorem- a mathimatical statement that is demonstrated

Greek-a person who is from Greece.

Legs- are the sides of a right triangle that form a 90 degree angle

Problem 1

This diagram shows the game plans for a game designed by Harbeck Toys INC. The board is made up of a square and four identical right triangles.

If the central square has an area of 225 square centimetres what is the perimeter of the board game? Show how you know.

My Answer:

and the perimeter.


Problem 2:

My Answer:

Here is a video.



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