Pythagorean Theorem

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- Pythagoras is a well known mathematics Guy. He is the one that made the math call Pythagoras, with the square roots and angles with the Triangle and squares. It also involves with the A² + B² = C².
- This picture is linked to the Pythagoras because Pythagoras solves the angle,area or the perimeter with the A² + B² = C².

- This picture has to do with the square, because triangles are half of the squares. Also you can also find the area with Length and width.

- This is the thing where you can find the Hypotenuse of the Triangle.
R.A.T - Its a short way of calling Right Angle Triangle
Hypotenuse - It is the longest side on the Triangle and its the opposite side of the right Triangle
Legs - The shortest side of a triangle. Comes out of the right angle and the triangle always has 2 legs.
Theorem - It is A² + B² = C²
Greek - Pythagoras is an ancient Greek person.

Here is a video of the Pythagorean



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