Pythagorean Theorem

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Artifacts :

The first pure mathematitian. Born on Samos, a greek island in Aegean and died about 500 BC in Metapontum, Lucania. Proved the converse theorem.


  • Legs - (A and B) The sides that make up 90 degree angle.
  • Hypotenuse - (c) The longest side of the Right Triangle.
  • R.A.T. - Right Angled Triangle.
  • Greek - person that is living in ancient mordern greek.
  • theorem - a theorotical proposition, statement, or formula embodying something to be proved from otheres propositions or formulas.


R.A.T. :

Shapes, Formulas, and Pythagoras .

< These are the Pythagoras shapes. Square, Right Triangle, and a Rectangle.
To solve these Pythagoras, First you would have to draw or copy the question, and put the 90 degree in.
Second, you put a, b, and c in the triangle. You can put a or b anywhere you want as long as that you put them where the "Legs" are ( not the long side ).

Third, you right the formula, then replace it by a number. For example, 'a squared' turns into blank, because you don't know what that is yet ... 'b squared' turns into '8 squared', and 'c squared' turns into '10 squared' ... gets ?
Forth, you make 'b squared' disapear ... by making it into a zero pair so you would put '-8 squared', and you will also have Balance and that means that you also have to put '-8 squared' on the other side too. So that would be 'a squared' equals '10 squared' minus '8 squared'.

Fifth, you would change '10 squared' into 10x10 and '8 squared' into 8x8, you should also put it in brackets so you would get mixed up. And you don't change 'a squared into axa, you would just leave it. So now you have, (10x10) - (8x8).

Sixth, you would have solve (10x10) - (8x8). So 10x10=100 and 8x8=64, and now you have 'a squared' equals one hundred minus sixty-four. 100 - 64 = 36, and after that you would have 'a squared' equals thirty-six.

Seventh, you would have to square root it. So the answer would be a = 6.
And that's how you get the answer.

Problem 2 ,

- each of these squares are 3cm.
- and it says that 3cm squares of eight, so 3x8= 24.
- so now you would need to find what 'C' is.

Pythagoras Movie 'C' , 'A' and 'B' .

Well that's all for today , thanks for reading! (:



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