Pythagoream Theorem

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1st artifact

Pythagoras aka father of math. He was the first person to think that the earth was round but nobody believed him. He also thought of reincarnation. Pythagoras was born in Greek but spent most of his time in Persia and Egypt because he was smart. He came up with a theorm that a2+b2=c2. He also came up with legs. Legs are a 90 degree angle on a R.A.T. A R.A.T stands for right angle triangle. He also came up with a hypoteneuse. A hypoteneuse was the longest line in a R.A.T and was always across from the right angle. He also made shapes with other shapes, like making 5 R.A.T's into one square.

2nd Artifact: The Right Triangle

As you can see the picture there is 3 important vocabulary words in. One of them are Hypotenuse, R.A.T. (Right Angle Triangle), and Legs.

3rd Artifact:The Square/Rectangle

1st proof:

2nd proof:


Hypotenuse-A hypoteneuse was the longest line in a R.A.T and was always across from the right angle, also known as the ''c''

R.A.T- Right Angle Triangle

Legs- They make up the 90° angle and are always labeled 'a' and 'b

Theorem-is the second word of the Pythagorean Theorem which was proven by Pythagoras.

Greeka person who is from greece

Interesting Facts:

Pythagoras was born on Samos, a Greek island in the eastern Aegean, off the coast of Asia Minor. He was born to Pythais (his mother, a native of Samos) and Mnesarchus (his father, a Phoenician merchant from Tyre). As a young man, he left his native city for Croton, Calabria, in Southern Italy, to escape the tyrannical government of Polycrates. According to Iamblichus, Thales, impressed with his abilities, advised Pythagoras to head to Memphis in Egypt and study with the priests there who were renowned for their wisdom. He was also discipled in the temples of Tyre and Byblos in Phoenicia. It may have been in Egypt where he learned some geometric principles which eventually inspired his formulation of the theorem that is now called by his name. This possible inspiration is presented as an extraordinaire problem in the Berlin Papyrus. Upon his migration from Samos to Croton, Calabria, Italy, Pythagoras established a secret religious society very similar to (and possibly influenced by) the earlier Orphic cult.

As you can see the the Theorem, a^2+b^2=c^2 I will make a picture example of how to get the the Hypotenuse.


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