Pythagorean Theorem

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Mr.Harbeck tech us a new Math, it's called Pythagorean Theorem.A Greek guy learned it i

thing, anyway i will tech you how to do this.
This is the first one ill teach you. This one is called Right Angle Triangle, and it has leg on it

not like human leg,anyway the other words called (A/B). And it is 90 degrees.
Hypotenuse stand for the letter (C)its on the largest side of the triangle.

90 degrees angles.

Greek who builds Pythagoras i think. Pythagoras was a Greek person that was the father of

math, who build math.

The formula or this is a² + b² = c².

This triangle is a R.A.T (right angle triangle) because it has a 90 degree angle. This right

triangle has two sides that are the legs.And it has
angles which are theta and beta. They

create angle which is (
complimentary angle).
Square has for side not like triangle some people say its like Rectangle, will yea it has for side

but its just long and its called lines of symmetry.Its has four right angle triangles on each

corner of the triangle. You can cut the square and you can get triangle,and you will get 2

angles. Its is equal to 360 degrees, why because 90+90+90+9
0 because it has for side so its equal

to 306

And this is my last one. this one you can make formula(a2+b2=c2).The leg represent a,b,s right

so use that to get your answer for example all the side is 5 out of 5 so just times it by 5.
This guy create the formula a2+b2=c2,and again the guy who built Math,Pythagoras thought

that he could make a square to four triangles and the triangle out of 3 squares.

leo and the boys

leo and the boys pt2

Alwin T.


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