Aaron's Integers Story

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Once upon a time in a prairie, a little, fuzzy, cute rabbit that was looking for food for his family. One day the cute rabbit's family got really hungry so he started to search for food. He was hopping along the the grass until he faced a very scary wolf. To defeat this scary wolf he needed to answer a question, which was (+7)+(-3). He used have and owe.
When he figured it out the cute rabbit defeated the scary wolf and continued his journey.

When he continued along the trail he found a tree. And on that tree had an apple hanging there. The cute little rabbit wanted to get it. To get this magnificent apple he needed to answer another question which he found on the bark of the tree. The question was (+3)+(-8). This time he used algebra tiles. When the rabbit answered this question the wind blew the apple off the branch and landed in the cute little rabbit's paws.

The rabbit got a little tired from walking all that way to get some food so he wanted to go back home. He started to walk back where he came from but, it started to rain. He needed a leaf to cover himself. He saw a very big plant but to pull this leaf off he needed to answer a question. The question was found beside the plant in the mud. The question was (-4)+(-9). This time he used a number line.

Then the rabbit had something to cover him but his paws were dirty but at least he won't get wet.

When the rabbit got to his den he saw his family waiting for him. There was a fox on top of the den. He got scared of what might happen to his family. To get this fox far away from his home he needed to scare the fox by going super saiyan. He can't go super saiyan unless he answered a question. The question was on a leaf that fell from the sky. The question was (+3)+(+14). The rabbit used standard math. He became a super saiyan and saved his family from the fox.

When he hopped to his den, the rabbit saw one of his baby rabbits missing. When he turned around he saw a really big bird carrying the baby rabbit away.

To Be Continued......

The rabbit was very scared of what might happen to his child so he followed the big bird. He kept hopping along the very wet trail while following the bird. The bird was really far away so the rabbit couldn't keep up for long so he had to figure out what to do. He was very tired of hopping all that way so he took a rest beside a tree. When he got up to the tree a really big bird came and ask if he was lost. The rabbit told him of what happened so the the big bird decided to help but, the rabbit must first answer a question. The question was (-7)-(+5). The rabbit was confused with this one because he never saw a question like this before. When he got confused the big bird helped him out and this is what they got.
When the rabbit answered the bird's question he climbed up to his back carefully so he wouldn't fall down. When the bird was ready for lift off, he asked if the rabbit was ready. The rabbit said he was ready and all he needed was in this bag. When the bird got off the ground, they spotted the really big bird ahead. They were really far behind so they needed to do something. The rabbit forgot that he had some bows and arrows in his bag so he decided to hit the really big bird. He couldn't get a lock on her because the bird he was riding was wobbly.
" Can you stay still?" the rabbit asked.
"If you answer my question," the bird replied.
The question was (+7)-(-9)+(-11). The rabbit answered the question as best as he could and got this as an answer.
When the rabbit answered the question he got a lock on the really big bird and shot him with the arrow. The rabbit was very pleased with his shot and the bird was starting to fall.

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justinp8-73 said :
October 29, 2008 at 5:46 PM
Very good story nice pictures!
simran 8-73 said :
October 29, 2008 at 6:41 PM
Good job, but you answered the questions in your paragraph and then you put a random question below. The question you wrote in the paragraph was the question you had to make a picture for.
angela8-73 said :
November 2, 2008 at 1:57 PM
Nice pictures but, you don't have to put the question in the paragraph because you have a picture already. That's all, anyways Good job!
November 12, 2008 at 4:06 PM
Good Job. I agree with Angela you don't need the same question twice.

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