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Part 1 - Adding Integers

Long time ago, in the Town of Happiness, an old, scary-looking man, named George moved in. He looked very, very mean, and lived alone in an old little house. All the townspeople were scared of him, and never went near him. One time, when George walked down the street he saw a poor little girl, that looked very hungrey, so he gave her an apple pie, but she got scared, and ran away. In the following weeks, people started complaining to the townsleader that George doesn't belong in the Town of Happiness. George heard the rumors, and locked himself in his house, and became very depressed.

3 monthes later, he died because of depression. Now, he is a ghost that seacrhes for REVENGE! His first victim was that little poor girl that ran away from him. Late at night, George snuck into the little girl's room.

The little girl was frightened, and yelled "HELP!" but, no one came.
"I've came back for REVENGE! Why did you run away from me?" he asked the little girl. "Because you were very mean and scary!" the little girl shouted.
"How have I been mean to you?" George asked again.
"ummmmm.... umm" she hesitated.
"See? You don't even know! Don't judge me on how I look. I'm not mean. I tried to be nice, by offering you an apple pie, but you refused to take it, and ran away instead. And do you know how I felt that time? NO! You don't!" he yelled, with a tear running down his cheek.
"...I'm sorry George. Now I've learned that you're actually very kind and innocent." the little girl, apoligized.
"Well, it's nice for you to say that. Thank you." George smiled.
"By the way, my name is Sarah." the little girl said.

The next day, Sarah woke up early in the morning to go outside and tell the townsleader that Geroge is actually very kind and innocent.
"Hahahah! That's impossible Sarah! He's DEAD!" he shouted.
"No, he's a ghost. He came to my house last night and told me everything." Sarah explained. "Yeah right, and what did he tell you? Hmmm??" the townsleader grinned.
"He told me not to judge him on how he looks, he had never done anything wrong, so why is everyone against him?" Sarah asked.
"Well, you do have a point there, but you still don't have any proof." the townsleader replied. "Don't worry, I will bring George here tomorrow, okay?" Sarah said.
"Sure." he said.
But just before Sarah walked out the door the townsleader yelled, "Wait!" Sarah turned around. "Is there anything else, sir?" Sarah asked.
"Yes, actually. Let's play a game Sarah." Sarah looked confused.
"What kind of game?" she asked.
"I will ask you a question", and if you get it right, I will give you a chance to prove that George actually talked to you last night, but if not, you won't get a chance, and you'll forget everything about George.
"Okay." Sarah agreed." The question was, (+7) + (-11) = ?" Sarah hesitated. I know this stuff.

"The answer is (-4)" Sarah answered.
"Yes. That is correct. So I'll be waiting for you tomorrow." the townsleader said.
Sarah smiled, and walked home. "George? George? Where are you?" Sarah yelled. But George didn't reply. Was George gone? Where did he go? Will he ever come back? These questions kept haunting Sarah in her sleep. She woke up in the middle of the night, startled. She got up to get a drink of water. When she opened the fridge, she saw something shining very bright. She went closer and closer to it. It was a small person with glowing wings. A fairy.
"Who are you?" Sarah asked.
"I am Maribelle, the Fairy of Truth." she said.
"Fairy? I have never seen a fairy before. Only in stories. You're not real." Sarah thought.
"Oh yes I am Sarah, I'm here to help you." Maribelle said.
"Help me? Help me with what?" Sarah asked.
"Well, I don't know, you tell me. I had a feeling that something was wrong." Maribelle said.

"Oh yes, three monthes ago a man named George died over depression. People spread rumors saying that he was mean, and scary, which he wasen't. When he heard about these rumors, he locked himself in his house, and became very depressed. One time, I was walking down the street looking for something good to eat, until I heard someone following me. I turned around, and it was George. He offered me an apple pie, but I got scared and ran away. Yesterday night, he had come to my house for revenge. He asked why I ran away from him, and I told him that he looked very mean and scary. He told me not to judge him on how he looks. Now I understand. This morning a went to tell the townsleader about George, but he didn't believe me, and asked for some proof, so I told him that I would bring George to him tomorrow, but when I got home today, George wasen't here. I don't know where he is, or when he'll be back." Sarah explained.
"I see your problem Sarah. George is gone, he's not coming back. The only reason why he came back was to tell you not to judge him on how he looks. And not that he has told you, he is gone." Maribelle explained.

"Huh!?" Sarah shouted in confusion.
"If he's gone, how could I prove that he really is kind and innocent? No one will believe me..."
"If only, I could make him alive again...." Maribelle thought.
"Well... I do have only one way to fix your problem." Maribelle explained.
"How!? How?! Please tell me!" Sarah asked desperately.
"Fine.. but you'll have to answer 3 questions correctly."
"Ummm... okay.. fine.. what are they?" Sarah asked anxiously.
"Question #1 (-3) + (+5) = ? " Maribelle said.

"The answer is... (+2)" Sarah answered positively.
"Yes! That's correct!" Maribelle said.
"Okay, 1 down, 2 to go." Maribelle explained.
"Question #2 (-1) + (+1) = ?" Maribelle asked with a tiny grin.
"Uh oh.. I'm not sure how to answer this question.. but I'll try.." Sarah thought.
"The answer is... 0?" Sarah answered with hesitation.
"..... That is.... also CORRECT!" Maribelle said with excitment.
"Pheww..." as Sarah wiped the sweat off her forehead.
"Okay then.. for the last question... #3.." Maribelle said.
"What is (+82) + (-45) = ?" Maribelle asked.
"Okay, even though they're large numbers, I could solve this."

"The answer is (+37)" Sarah answered.
"....That is CORRECT!" Maribelle said.
"YES! I answered all three questions correctly, so now could you help me find George?" Sarah asked impatiently.
"I guess you're right.. okay then I will help you." Maribelle agreed.
Sarah smiled.
"Bringing George back to life.. hmm?" Maribelle hesitated.
"Yes. Yes." Sarah said.
"Okay" as she wove her sparkling wand around in various patterns.
"ABRACADABRA!" Maribelle shouted.
Crrrrrrreeeeeeeeeck..... went the front door. Is someone there? Sarah went to check. It was.... GEORGE!
"YIPEE! GEORGE IS ALIVE AGAIN!" Sarah yelled while prancing around with excitment.
"Thank you Maribelle, Thank you." Sarah said.
"You're very welcome. Just remember, from now on, never ever judge people on how they look." Maribelle warned.
"Don't worry, Maribelle. I promise." Sarah said as she raised her right hand.
Maribelle smiled and then disappeared into the darkness.
"Okay, now all I need to do is bring George to the townsleader tomorrow morning." Sarah said.
She smiled, and went to bed.

Early the next day, Sarah woke up very cheerful, and skipped to the townsleader with George.
"Here he is! Here he is!" Sarah yelled.
The townsleader turned with amazement.
"George??" the townsleader asked in almost a whisper.
"Yes?" George replied.
"Uhhh..... did you tell this little girl not to judge you on how you look?" the townsleader asked with a face that looked like he was going to pass out.
"Yes.. yes I did. Didn't I, Sarah?" George asked.
"Yes George, you did." Sarah replied.
"See sir. George is not mean... all this time people kept judging him on how he looks, and now I know that it is wrong. Very wrong." Sarah said.
"Yes, I believe that he had told you, but how could've he had come back to life?" the townsleader asked in confusion.
"It's a long story.. just believe me." Sarah pleaded.
"Fine, I'll ask him two questions, and if he gets it wrong, that means he is not real." the townsleader explained.
"Okay then.. and what might those questions be?" Sarah asked.
"George... what is (+14) - (-8) = ?" the townsleader asked.
"Ummmmm....." George hesitated.

"...correct." the townsleader said.
"Question #2 What is (+2) + (-8) - (-5) = ?" the townsleader asked.
George thought about the question very carefully.

"And... that is also correct." the townsleader admitted.
"See? He is alive, and real." Sarah said.
"Okay Sarah... I now believe you" the townsleader said as he nodded.
Sarah and George smiled, and walked home.

In the following weeks, all the townspeople treated George like family, and George finally felt that he belonged in the Town of Happiness.

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melanie873 said :
October 26, 2008 at 9:37 PM
The line of those squiggles were where I was going to put a picture, but when I pressed upload picture, it didn't work.
melanie873 said :
October 27, 2008 at 6:03 PM
Okay. Nevermind, I fixed it. Now there's a picture (:
October 27, 2008 at 8:55 PM
Good Job Melanie. But you should have 4 questions.
melanie873 said :
October 28, 2008 at 10:06 PM
uhhh... really? There's suppose to be four questions? That's what I asked everyone, and some people said one question, and some said four. I'm confused.
melanie873 said :
November 2, 2008 at 8:16 PM
Okay. I'm finally finished. Please comment, and sorry that it's super long.

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