Christian's Integers Story

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Once upon a time there was a regular boy named Positive, Positive is the smartest person in town.There was godess named Integer, she is the god of integers ,she would help Positive to pass all the challenges that Negative would give them, Negative is the god of all challenges.Integer ask Positive if he would help her to protect her town because Negative is powerful than Integer so Integer needs his help ,because Positive is the smartest person in town and if Negative wins the challenge all of Integer's people will suffer in doing Math.

So he went to his journey...........then he reached in the land of clowns.He said to Integer that he feels weird in this town because clowns are ver tricky, so he still continued walking

while he was walking he saw a sign that says bridge way to Negative land ... so he walked right to where the sign says but the clown said "Before you enter this bridge you need to answer this question ......(-3)+(2)+(-10)= what. He is very nervous to answer the question because the clown said to him your answer should be only one and you should be sure that's your answer so thinks how to answer the question, this is the strategy that he used to answer the question

xtian 9-05

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