Simrans's Integer Story

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Once upon a time there was a young girl named Lucy Lou. She was taking a little walk in the woods . Suddenly the Lucy heard a noise in the scary dark part of the woods. There was a object and the object was nothing like she saw before. It had more then one arm and had red eyes, at least she thought they were eyes. So she was intrigued , she approached the object and there it was an evil goblin. The goblin said to her that the only way he wouldn't eat her is if she answered this question...

I can answer that! Said Lucy.

" Your right". Said the goblin in shock. " I guess I won't eat you". So Lucy kept walking, but was speeding up because she didn't want to run into someone or something else. Then Lucy felt something hit her. It was rock, but not a ordinary rock it had something green inside of it. All of a sudden a kitten came out of the bush and started to shake. Lucy was confused and went to go and pick up the kitten. Until the kitten transformed to a giant green monster cat. The monster cat said to Lucy " what is a young girl like you doing in the woods"?. Lucy was to scared to answer and just stood there silently. The monster cat said I will let you pass if you answer this question....

"I'm going to use a number line " said Lucy.

"That's right" said the monster cat I guess I will let you pass. Now Lucy was really scared. So she started running to get out of the woods. Then a boy about her age ran into her. " My name is Sam" said the boy. He asked Lucy why she was running , but Lucy was still shaking and to afraid to answer . Then Lucy said that she was running because there are monsters in the woods. Sam didn't believe what Lucy said and laughed. Lucy wasn't happy that he didn't believe her and she left, but Sam followed. Then Lucy heard someone calling her name. Lucy thought it was Sam and said go away Sam. Then Sam came running and said " did you just call me". " You called me first said Lucy. Then someone with a weird voice said I called your name. Lucy and Sam were both scared and tried to run away until and orange and yellow vampire stopped them. "I've been waiting to find you" said the vampire. I won't suck your blood if you answer this question...

" This ones tricky I think we should use algebraic tiles". Said Sam.

The vampire was shocked that they got the right answer but let them pass anyways. "See there are monsters in the woods" said Lucy. Sam was too shocked to reply to Lucy, so they continued walking through the woods. They didn't speak the whole way until Sam said to Lucy before they took their last step to get out of the woods that he was the purpose for all of the monsters trying to attack Lucy. Lucy was shocked and said " I should have known". Then Sam turned into a monster dragon and said "since I'm behind all of this you probably have to get through me to leave ". " So the only way I'm going to let you leave if you answer this question"....

Lucy quickly said -8, but Sam didn't let her pass.
To be continued......
Part 2

Lucy stood there confused, because she thought that she got the answer right. " Why aren't you letting me pass"! Yelled Lucy. Sam didn't answer. Slowly same got out of the way and let Lucy pass. Lucy ran out of the woods in relief. As Lucy was running towards her house she noticed that their was a shadow following her. So she ran faster, until a weird looking thing was standing in front of her. Lucy was afraid and tried to escape. Lucy was in tears and shouted at the creature to leave her alone. The weird creature said to Lucy that the only way she would pass was to answer this question ......

Lucy was terrified she thought that you couldn't subtract integers. But she quickly remembered that you change the question sign to addition and add the opposite

The creature was surprised but let her go anyways. Now Lucy was sprinting to get home. She finally arrived at home and saw someone on the rocking chair. She didn't know who it was since her mom was at work. She walked up to the rocking chair and sitting in the hair was her grandmother. Lucy was in shock since her grandmother had passed away 2 years ago. " grandma ", Lucy said.
"Yes dear".
"How... did you get here"?
Then all of a sudden her grandmother transformed form into a giant evil robot. " Do you till want to know how I got here", said her grandmother. Lucy didn't know how to believe that her dead grandmother turned into a giant evil robot.her grandmother said"this will be that last question of this journey if you answer it right...

Lucy screamed -2. Her grandmother slowly disappeared into wherever and Lucy jumped on the couch and sat there in complete shock for the rest of her life, well at lest till her mom got home.

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October 27, 2008 at 8:56 PM
Great Job Simran everything looks good.

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