Elmane's Interger story

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Part 1

One afternoon there was a teenager named Charmaiy, she loves to add intergers, she could answer any question as long that it is an interger question. She was walking home from school when all the sudden she saw this little kid named Jayj. Jayj love doing math, he was the most smartest little kid in grade 5. Charmaiy was shocked to hear that, so she demand him to have a bet in intergers.

The little kid said "okay, fine. If I win you have to fix my bike or give me $50.00 so I can pay someone to fix my bike, deal?"
"okay, deal!" said Charmaiy.
"Next week on Saturday, be ready! Its going to be on intergers!" said Charmaiy in a fearful voice.
"okay, this bet is going to be easy!" said the little kid in a wierd look.
Then walked away from a different direction heading home. Later on, when she was at home, she started heading upstairs to her bedroom and started finishing her homework.
She always do the homework in math then the others. After a few hours, she started heading downstairs with her little notebook to practice on while she eats. She kept studying day after day. In the next morning she was getting ready for school. Once she left, she saw the little kid again, Charmaiy stared at the little kid, and so as the little kid. They were like enemies, teenager vs. the little kid. She walked pass him and kept walking, in her mind she knew that the little boy was going to lose the bet, because his just a little kid. She was laughing so load that the all neighbours were looking her strangly. She kept walking and kept her mouth shut. A few minutes later, she was at school and do her work. Every lunch hour she would go outside and study about intergers. She made the bet so can prove that she is "The Smart One".

A week later on Saturday.
"Today's the day!" said Charmaiy.

She went to the little boys front yard and waited for the little kid to come out of the door. A few minutes, the boy went outside and walked towards her, and said "Today's the day". "I know!" said Charmaiy.

The little boy's grandmother knew that we were having a bet, so she wrote the questions to make sure they don't cheat. His grandmother gave us the sheet that has 1 question in it.

"What the... theres only one easy question on the paper!!" said Charmaiy in a confusing voice.
"What did you say honey?". The little boy's grandmother said.
"She can't realy hear you, because she death and she has hearing problems, so.. yeah". The little boy said.
"Ohh... then nevermind then". Said Charmaiy.
"Did you say something dear?". Boy's grandmother said.
"I SAID NEVER MIND!!!!". said Charmaiy in a very loud voice.
"Just... just... for get about that, okay? And chill..." said the little boy.
"(sigh)" said Charmaiy.
"OKAY LETS BEGIN!!" said the little boy beside his grandmother's ears.
"Ohh.. okay dear" said the little boys grandmother.

Her grandmother gave them the big piece of sheet that only has one easy question on it.

"Ready... set... go...!!" said the little boy's grandmother in a very quiet voice.
The question was:

Charmaiy and Jayj begins writting their answer on the peice of paper and telling how they got the answer.
A few moments later, Charmaiy and Jayj were done and the told the old lady that they were done. The little boy's grandmother can tell that they were done, so she started heading to where they are and checks their paper.

"The answer is +2 right!!" said the little boy.
"No... the answer is -2!!" said Charmaiy.
"Ohh be quiet, (cough) the answer is .... (cough) answer is... (cough)is... IS...(cough) ...is" said the little boy's grandmother.

They had their fingers crossed hoping that one of them have the right answer.
"So... what is it??" Charmaiy said.
"IS...(cough)" said the little boy's grandmother
"Tell us!!" said the little boy
"The answer is ... (more coughing) is..." said the little boy's grandmother.
"Ohh come on grandma!! say it!!"said Charmaiy.
"(more coughing) .. ohh be patience, im just going to get some water." said the little boy's grandmother.
"(sigh)" said Charmaiy and so as the little boy.

A few minutes later, the old lady came outside and starts heading to where there at.
"Okay, the answer is ... ohh wait i think i left the fridge open." said the little boy's grandmother.
"Ohh.. come on!!" said Charmaiy.
"Ohh im just kidding dear (laugh)" said the little boy's grandmother.
"But anyways, the answer is ... +2!!" said the little boy's grandmother.

Charmaiy started jumping in full of joy, Charmaiy showed Jayj how she got the right answer and how she got the right answer. Charmaiy showed Jayj her paper.

And heres how she got the answer:
I drawed 4 negatives and 2 positives squares, and line them up like this, then I have 2 positives so need 2 negatives to make a Zero Pair, and the 2 negatives is left and that would be my answer (-2).

So (-4)+(+2)= -2

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October 27, 2008 at 8:51 PM
Good Job elmane but you were soposses to have 4 questions and 4 paragraphs the question and answer should also be in pictures you need 2 more questions
elmane8-73 said :
October 29, 2008 at 5:29 PM
Ohh... okay
Zeeshan873 said :
October 30, 2008 at 10:10 PM
good job elmane and the comment u made on my integer story was the meanest comment iv got in my life!! :(

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