Vikram's Integer Story

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When Jack woke up he found him self in a black ally and with out his cell phone. Jack found a Microsoft phone on the ground. In that phone it said [ (+3) + (-3) =]. There was also a video that said that he is in a world of terror and that if he wants to get out he has to beat the land masters. Jack first decided to use the *algebra tiles method* because they numbers he had were not that high.

Jack beat the first trial on the world. He walked out side of the cave and he saw a person with a bread, the person said * you there, are there any chances that you have a Microsoft phone?*. Jack said yes. The man told Jack to answer a question or he may not pass. Jack said yes because there is no help just staying there. The man said (+5) + (-4). Jack said that that is easy.

The man let Jack past. Jack was wondering why did the man ask if he had a Microsoft phone. Jack kept walking till he saw a mountain a distance away. Jack didn't see any thing else remotely close and interesting so he started towards the mountain. There were allot of animals along the way towards the mountain. Jack saw one animal that looked like a dog but wasn't. The dog like creature fowl led Jack so Jae decided to keep it as a pet. He named her Buddy. Jack made it to the mountain in one piece. When he got to the entrance of the mountain he figured out it wasn't a mountain. It was a giant building. On it there was a sign says *Microsoft Crop*. David was very confused of what a Microsoft building was doing here. He entered the building. A lawyer came in and told Jack if he didn't answer this question he would sue him. Jack said * Sue what, I got nothing?* The layer sad he has a phone, and with out it he would not be able to go on. Jack agreed to the lawyers challenge. The lawyer said (-7) + (-6).

Jack did the question and the layer fled away. Jack went in the elevator and right before the highest floor the elevator stopped on floor 99. He got out and say a person that had a lab coat on. Jack said Hi to him but he did not respond. Jack tapped him but he went through like no one was there. Buddy then went up to the man and he responded. The man tried to get rid of Buddy by throwing her down the elevator but Jack grabbed Buddy and the man saw Jack. The white coated man told Jack to answer this question and he won't let Buddy be killed. Even though Jack was with Buddy for a little while he had a bond with her so Jack said he would try his all. The white coated man said (-45) + (+97). Jack said that is a very high number. He then thought of uses the money method he learned in school.

Jack said his answer is. The white coated man said that his answer is wrong. He then showed him the real answer.
The white coated man said that because he was so close that he would give him another try with a harder question.

To be Continued....

Jack was given a new question by the white coasted man. The question was (+3) - (-6)

Jack answered the question correctly and got Buddy back. Jack asked the white coated man that what world he was in. The man replied with * A world ruled by bill gates*. Jack was shocked by what the man had said. He knew that Microsoft was evil but not this much. The man also said that there was only 1 thing standing in between Bill Gate's world Domination...and it was Nintendo. With Mario out of the way Bill Gates thought he had nothing to fear but Mario had a brother and he was Luigi. Jack asked the man where the Luigi and the rest of Nintendo was. The man replied by saying a * There is a Castle towards the west of here, you will find Luigi there, Bill Gates doesn't know about this yet* the white coated man leaves with a smile on his face.

Jack headed towards the west with Buddy. He got to the castle within 2 days. Luigi greeted him with a *I've been expecting you*. Luigi let Jack in. Luigi gave Jack the plan to get Bill Gates for all the things he did, including killing his brother... The plan was set and with the army that Luigi got they tackled Bill gates and Sony. The battle was very epic. Everyone fought with courage. In the end Master Chief had Luigi cornered. Master Chief removed his helmet and Bill Gates was under it. Bill gates was about to end Luigi's life but the white coated man came out of no where and told Bill Gates their should be a better way to solve this problem. Bill Gates suggested a math question. The white coated man called jack to answer the question. Bill Gates gave the math question (-7) + (+5) - (-3). Jack said he will answer it.

Jack got it right so Bill Gates was very alarmed by Jack's answer. Bill Gates was sentenced to prison for trying to in slave the world. Jack was thanked by Luigi and link and Jack was transported back home. When Jack got home, he sold his Xbox 360 and got a Wii. When Jack realized how he got into the other world he saw a note by Luigi saying that he called him to that world in order to save it. Jack saw that Buddy had become a dog and he was able to keep her.

Vikram 9-05

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January 29, 2009 at 1:34 PM
nice integer story and pictures vikram.

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