Carlos's Integer Story

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Puppy who's name was Woof had a cute little puppy house and a bone. He loved his house and bone so much , he made them clothes and took good care of them. A cat who's name was Meow visited Woof , Meow didn't like what Woof had done with the 2 things. So Meow made everything better. Woof liked what Meow did so he invited Meow to meet his bone and house. Meow fell in love with Woof's sister but he didn't want them to get married cause Woof didn't want to lose her. But Meow ran away with Woof's sister and got married. Meow and his wife had 4 children In,Te,Ge, and Rs. They all had different languages , Meow couldn't understand what they were saying. Meow begged Woof for help but Woof said he wouldn't help him but since its his brother in law so he did help him. Woof told Meow to listen to what his children were saying and solve the problems. First he listened to In , In said " googoogaagaa (+4) + (-3) googoo gaagaa" Meow then thought he said (+4) + (-3) then he solved it like this - have 4 owe 3 , " i have 4 and i owe 3 , that means i only have 1 left! " he said , and he solved it and he understood what In was saying. " If you can answer this (+4) + (-3) you will understand me" . Now he needs to go listen to what Te was saying. " dadadada (+10) + (-5) dadadada" Te said. Then Meow thought he could solve it easier! so he did another method.

®®®®®®®®®® - positive
©©©©© - negative

(©)(©)(©)(©)(©) = +5!

he then understood what Te was saying he said the one same as In. After that he went to Ge and he said " abooogooooo (+1)+(-3) abooogoooo" and Meow then thought he could do it in a different method. So he did this! he drew a line and wrote 0 in the middle and he made 1 line on the right of 0 (+1) then he made 3 lines to the left he past 0 and go to (-1) and then he said " Thats it! (-1) is the answer!" then he understood what Ge said , same as his brothers. Now for the final question , Meow went over to see Rs. Rs said " qwerty (+1) + (-1) asdfg" Meow solved it pretty fast , then answer was 0 now Meow went over to Rs said " Congratulations Meow you have proven that you are the chosen one to create the world" Rs said. "What? what do you mean??" Meow replied. " Meow , me and my brothers are 1 , we are the IN-TE-GE-RS , Integers, now go create the world a peaceful place! " Meow then became the God of Integers and they all happily live forever


Carlos 8-73

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gerico873 said :
October 29, 2008 at 6:17 PM
It's integer man not intiger but great story by the way.
gerico873 said :
October 29, 2008 at 6:18 PM
It's integer man not intiger but great story by the way.
justinp8-73 said :
October 29, 2008 at 9:31 PM
good story just add more pictures, fix your spelling, just fix your wording a little.
kara 8-73 said :
November 2, 2008 at 12:53 PM
Great job, but I think that you were suppsosed to have a few pictures and a few more questions. Also you have a few spelling and grammer mistakes.

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