Zerlina's Integer Story

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Part 1

That was where it happened. The death of my brother right in front of me. My brother, Michael, we never really got along that well. At the end we both discovered the meaning of life. It all started at home. I had this project at school. Micheal never liked school he always fooled around and never payed attention. I was a good Honor student. Micheal damaged my project and I got really mad. I told mom and she said
"He'll learn." She always says that its like she never cares. I redid my project it looked so bad and I only had 1 day to work on it. It was a math project. Math is my favourite subject because it is so simple to understand.
My brother says I'm a homework freak especially when it comes to math. Its true its just he tells all of his friends and they laugh. He is so popular at school. So when he tells them something it passes on around the whole school that's what I hate the most.
The next day I handed in my project and my teacher was disappointed in me. The whole class laughed and made fun of my new project. When ever that happens I always feel like I want to run away.
That night I snuck out and my brother followed. He found I was acting very very strange because I'm not really like that. I was walking toward an unusually looking tree. It wasn't just any tree, it was very huge. I went closer and closer. There was a huge opening and I went in to see what was inside. My brother followed me in and that was where I noticed him.
"What are you doing here?!" I said.
"I went to follow you because you snuck out your not usually like that, that's more like me."
Then all of a sudden I heard this voice. Micheal heard it too. It was very deep.
"Hello! You just entered a world of darkness. In this world you can never come out unless you are smart enough to get through good luck! Ha ha ha!"
"What was that all about do you know Micheal?!"
"Who knows we'll have to see for ourselves."
"Okay than. Here we go!"
Then we ran into a huge bright hole. At the other end there was a whole new world. A world of integers. We walked forward and there was a sign that said,

Then my brother went ahead and didn't care so I went along. If only I'd listen to the sign. If only I told my brother to come back maybe he wouldn't have died.
We kept on going and there was another sign that said,

We were stopped by an integer sign. It said,

I called out the number 0 and my brother did too. Then the same deep voice came in the middle of now where.
"Correct you may pass."
"That was weird." Micheal said. "It seems like he wanted to strangle someone."
"I know." I said.
We walked for a long time and it was very awkward. My brother and I didn't talk because we were too weirded out of what happened so far. And I was too mad at my brother anyways. We just walked and walked hoping to come to an end. But it didn't - we just had more integer questions to solve. We couldn't move all of a sudden.
"I'm stuck." I said.
"Me too." Micheal said.
"Aghh we are stuck in a pit. How are we going to get out?" I said.
Than the deep voice said,
"You must answer the following question!"
"Aghhh not again!" Micheal said.

"I know this." Micheal said. "It's -17"
"Yeah it's -17." I said.
"Correct." The deep voice said. "You may pass."
Then the I started to feel my fingers as the sand came off my body. Micheal was out already as my feet were still stuck in the sand. I pulled myself out gasping for air. I was so exhausted.
We kept on walking and this woman was at a gate. She said you can't pass unless you can answer this question.

"That's easy!" I said. "+1"
"Yeah +1." Micheal said.
"Correct" the woman said. "You may pass."
"That woman looks so mad." Micheal said.
"Yeah but I wonder how many more questions there are I like math but not like this." I said.
We kept on walking farther and farther. Than all of a sudden my brother and I were stopped by this man. He said we'd had to answer this integer question and if we got it right he would let us go if we got it wrong he'd still let us go but I thought he was lying. He was very unusual, but I said fine and then he gave it to us.

"That's easy +20." I said.
"What about you." the man said.
" Its not +20 that one is easy its -20" Micheal said.
"The answer is +20 you were wrong. Then he took Micheal away and he came back after and said to him,
"You were wrong so BANG!" and he knocked my brother out and I yelled at the man.
"Are you crazy are you insane why did you kill my brother?!" I bursted to tears "He is only 15, and why did you kill him right in front of me?!"
"Well didn't you see the sign at first it said you should turn back danger is ahead remember! You have to know your integers to be able to leave this world plus you had many warnings!"
"Whatever but you will pay for doing that!"
And I ran off in tears seeing my dead brother on the ground just ripped me to pieces. I didn't look back.

To be continued............................

Part 2

I ran off hoping I could leave this integer world of darkness thinking about my brother how much I missed him already. Than all of a sudden the same man who killed my brother went up to me and said,

"You must answer this int-" I cut him off and said,

"Just go away, leave me alone you killed my brother just because he got 1 integer question wrong! You evil killer! GO AWAY!"

"Just answer if you want to get out! I did not make up the rules! I am controlled! I was stuck here because I didn't answer any questions. I was too depressed because my sister is lost in this world and I tried my hardest to get her out and I hadn't seen my family and sister for years now! So do you want to end up like me? Just answer the question already!" The man said.

"Okay then give it to me then, I just can't believe you." I said.

"You must answer subtraction integers but there is no such thing as subtraction good luck." He said. He gave me the piece of paper and it said,

"How am I going to do this question if I can't subtract?" I thought. "Think, THINK. I've got it I'll have to add the opposite. I turned the piece of paper around and wrote,

"The answer is -4." I said.

"Correct you may pass." The man said.

I ran not looking back then the man was killed when I saw him fall to the ground all of a sudden. I was scared. I ran faster and saw this girl just standing there.

"Hello?" I said. The girl didn't answer. "Hello?" I said again. Then she started to cry. "Are you okay?" I said.

"I just can't seem to get out of this place. I found out that my brother died, I saw some one fall to the ground, I just know it was him." She said.

"Don't worry my brother died too not to long ago. I was just talking to your brother, he told me he was trying to save you but he is being controlled." I said.

"We can get through this together then." She said trying to hide her tears.
"We WILL get through this together." I said. "By the way what’s your name?"
"It's Lucy and yours?" She said.
"Margo." I said. "Nice to meet you." and we ran off together waiting to be stopped by another integer question, I just made a friend!


We walked and walked and then that deep voice was there again.

"Answer the following integer question."

"Its that voice again have you heard it before?" I said.

"Yeah! Its freaks me out." Lucy said.

"What do you want?" I said to the sky. "LEAVE US ALONE!"

A paper fell from the sky it said,

"Shoot I've never really got algebra tiles." Lucy said.

"Don't worry I'll teach you." I turned the paper around and wrote,

"Oh I'm starting to get it." Lucy said. "The answer is 0."

"Yes, it's 0." I said.

Then the deep voice came again and said,

"Correct you may pass."

"Who are you?" I said.

"You must not talk back, my brother did that and was controlled and he was taken away from Me,” she said sadly. "I always think it's my fault for jumping into the tree."

"I know what you mean." I said. "My brother died because he didn't know an integer question, killed by your brother." I realized whom I was with! "Your the sister of the killer who killed my brother!"

"He isn't like that, I'm telling you!" She shouted, "He's controlled by the deep voice!" She started to cry. "I'm sorry! I know just how you feel! Margo, don't make me leave you because you’re just ignoring me!"

"I know. I'm just thinking what my parents are going to say when I come home with no brother." I said.

"You know the deep voice is a mystery. He has a voodoo doll of everyone! He only lets you out if you are doing well with the integer questions." She said.

"You've got to be kidding." I said, "There is no way to get out now."

"Lets get going then." She said. And we ran ahead. We kept on walking. Then we bumped into something huge.

"What could it be Lucy?" I asked. Then all of a sudden the huge mystery thing turned around and it was a huge elephant! But it wasn't just any elephant it was an evil elephant. It stomped its feet in anger.

"I think we woke it!" Lucy said.

"You think!" I said sarcastically. Then the elephant chased after Lucy and she ran and ran.

"HELP!" she yelled!

"I'LL SAVE YOU JUST STAY CALM!" I shouted. The elephant picked up Lucy and waved her around.

"HELP!" She yelled again. It tied her up and put her in a cage. The elephant yelled,

"You must answer the following integer question!" It was the deep voice!

"Let her go!" I yelled.

"Just listen to him he'll kill you!" Lucy yelled.

He dropped a piece of paper again. It said,

“Shoot he only gave me 10 minutes!” I thought! “I have to do this for Lucy.”

“HELP!” Lucy yelled.

“Don’t worry Lucy I’ll save you!” I yelled. I turned the paper around and started to write,

“Here! Now let her go you evil elephant!” I shouted.

“Margo!” She yelled.

“Just wait he’s checking it I’ll be there.” I yelled back.
“Okay but hurry!” She said. As the elephant was checking it, I felt so scared thinking that he was going to kill her like the man killed my brother – I’m not going to lose any more people any more.
“Correct but you didn’t show your work!” He said happily and joyfully.

“NO!” I yelled. I was so mad. I looked around and saw a knife. I ran toward the evil elephant in anger stabbing him rapidly making sure he’d fall. You don’t know how wrong I was.

To be continued………………………..

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October 25, 2008 at 7:02 PM
Good Job lina you have a couple of spelling mistakes though
shaine873 said :
October 25, 2008 at 10:18 PM
nice one!!!!!!!!!!
simran 8-73 said :
October 26, 2008 at 2:21 PM
Good job Lina! but i thought we were supposed to have four questions and show them by using number lines and stuff.
October 27, 2008 at 8:57 PM
Good you fixed the questions.
elmane8-73 said :
October 29, 2008 at 5:30 PM
Great Interger story Lina‼‼‼‼ And good pictures too.
kristin8-73 said :
November 2, 2008 at 6:49 PM
Good job Lina. Very well explained.

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