Brendan's Integer Story

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Once upon a time there was a boy named Jake who was bored and decided to go outside and find something to do. When he got outside he saw his friends so he went to see them. When he got there he had to solve an integer question which was (+9) + (-3) to solve it Jake used algebra tiles and the answer that he got was +6. After Jake answered the question he could now play with his friends. Later when he finished playing with his friends, Jake went to the store to buy a drink and some food because he was thirsty and hungry after playing so much. When he got to the store he saw a ruffian, so Jake stayed very quiet on the side wall of the store so the ruffian didn't see him or hear him and he also saw people hiding so they didn't get seen also and looking to the right someone had a knife and I talked to them quietly so I wouldn't get caught and they slid it across to me very gently. Now the ruffian was leaving so it was Jake's time to take a risk but before Jake could walk up to him he had to answer another integer question which was (+20) +(-13) to solve the integer question Jake used a number line and he got +7for his answer then he was allowed to walk fast, but for only a limited amount each time so Jake used his power wisely so he could catch up with the ruffian without him noticing he was there now when the ruffian turned around I would hide in the aisles and then come out. Now he was in arm distance so I could attack him but when I tired to attack him but he saw me and grabbed me, then put a knife to my chin, at that point I knew it was over. Then out of nowhere I heard a voice it was saying “if you answer this integer question you will beat the ruffian and win". The question was (-25) + (+53) now he solved the question with the money method I have 53 and I owe 25 and the answer that he came up with was +28. When he answer the question correctly he gained magical powers to defeat the ruffian and save the all the people in the store. After everybody cheered and thanked him for saving there lives, Jake had finally bought what he came here to the store for was for a drink and some food.
After having his drink and eating his food Jake kept on walking to find out what would come next. As he was walking he noticed that someone was getting bullied so he ran up and told them to stop bulling them but the bully didn't care and kept on going. At that point Jake grabbed the bully and told him to stop firmly and then the bully said only if you can answer this integer question (+30) +(-175) , Jake then answered -145 then the bully was amazed that he got the right answer because nobody got it before when he asked them. Now the bully was scared and stop bulling the person because he thought that he might have a plan to do something to him, the bully then left not knowing what to say. to be continued

Last time we heard about are friend Jake was when he stop a bully.
Now we continue our story when Jake scared the bully away.

It had been a couple days since Jake saved that kid from getting bullied.

Then when Jake was just minding his own business he heard a cry for help.
Jake wondered where the person was yelling from because he couldn't see anybody that needed his help. So then Jake followed the voice, he kept on following it but still couldn't find it. Now Jake was thinking it was a joke but out of nowhere he heard a voice saying "if you can answer this subtracting question I will grant you a tracking device so you can find the person. The question was (+19) - (-91). Jake knew that you don't subtract integers you add there opposites, so Jake rewrote the question (+19) + (+91) and the answer he got was +110. Then the voice granted his wish and Jake got a tracking device as promised. Then Jake used the tracking device to find the person in trouble. When he got to where the tracking device said where the person was he found a note on the ground that said "Please help me I have been taken to a deserted island (in the pacific ocean) and they have left me here, please help if you are reading this, from for some strange reason the name was scribbled out so Jake couldn't read who it was from .

Then it said in very small print that only Jake could read was If you answer this integer question I will tell you where I am and the question was 8- (-7)+3 +(-5) Jake then rewrote the question so it read 8+ (+7)+3 +(-5) and the answer Jake got was positive 13 so still in small print it said Ouvéa. Jake didn't know a place called Ouvéa so now Jake was going to the Library. Now Jake was worried about this person so he went to run to his house to get his stuff and after go to the Library . But while Jake was getting out of the place where he was he got swung upside down
with a rope tied to his leg and then someone popped out of the bushes and. To be continued

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Very good story good pictures and information.

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