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Once upon a time there was a girl named Sally. She ate a lot of cheese. She loved cheese so much that she ate all 15 pounds her mom bought for her the other day. She decieded she was going to get some cheese. But first she needed money. She got her piggy bank and smashed it, inside was this question....

After she answered that question her life savings 32.95 from grandma appered in front of her. Now she had the money she could continue her search for cheese. On the way it started to rain. She was right outside a unbrella store and walked in. The man behide the counter asked her what she needed as if it wasn't totally obvious, she was in an umbrella store. She told the man an umbrella duh! He told her if she answered this question the umbrelle would only cost 32.95....

She left the store with her brand new umbrella but no money. Sally was now tired and really wanted her cheese she needed to get money and fast. A man was standing at the edge of the street giving out flyers. Sally went and got one. The flyer said mow the lawn get 32.95! Wow she could get money to buy cheese. She ran to the house that needed the lawn mowed.The lady walked out with a lawn mower. "Answer this question and you can mow my lawn....."

An hour and half later and she was done. She had gotten her 32.95 and was on her quest once again. She was now even more tired and wanted her cheese. Sally knew it was getting late but continued her quest not knowing what time the factory closed. She was not far now about 4 blocks and she was beginning to smell the sweet smell of chedder cheese. Just then a man in big boots jumped in front of her. "Give me your cheese money!"
"No!" she yelled back
" Alright he said answer this question and i guess you may pass."

She answered the question and before he could check if it was right she was down the street. She was 1/2 a block away now and she could see the factory. She walked up to the giant door and the lady switched the sign to closed. " Wait!" she cried
The lady made a grin and said "Next time sweetheart .... next time "
To be continued...
Sally walked away slowly walking slower and slower with each step. She walked past the man in big boots who was still checking her answer. She walked past the umbrelle store, Until she was home with still know cheese. Sally was still upset when her mom got home. Her mom walked in very angry that she ate all that cheese. Her mom forgave her after 30 seconds and told her they would go to the store to buy some cheese if she answered this question.....

Her mom was amazed how fast she answered it (must have been the cheese). Her mom started the car and Sally got in. They went to the cheese factory, and the same woman was there watching them (creepy hey). They went to superstore then to walmart and finally extra foods still no cheese they passed the umbrella store where the man was trying to figure out how to close a cookie jar. They passed the man in big boots who was asking any random person how Sally answered that question. They finally got to super A foods where the had a bar of chedder cheese left. A woman at the other end of the aisle wanted that cheese too.
" This Is Bob here at the the ultimate cheese race."
(Bob talking about the rules)
" And the race is on" " Who shall win.. It's It's .." Answer this question and you'll find out
"It's Sally who won!"
Sally and her mom raced to the payout counter bought the cheese and raced home As the walked in the door Sally screamed "the CHEESE IS MOLDY!!!"

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simran 8-73 said :
October 26, 2008 at 1:48 PM
Good job Shaneille! Your pictures are really well done. :)
kristin8-73 said :
October 26, 2008 at 7:37 PM
Wow Shaneille! Great job. So funny!

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