Darren's Integer Story

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Once upon a time there was a gangster who needed money, So he went out side to hustle people. When he went outside he got in to his car and started up the engine, then he drove to a store to ask people to buy some stuff. The first person to come up to him told the gangster he would buy his stuff if he knew what (+12)+(-3) equaled. The gangster had trouble answering in his head so he used the rock's that were on the floor. The gangster said if i have 12 rock's and i owe u 3 rock's I would have 9 penny's left. When the gangster answered, the man bought all the stuff the gangster had.

After a while of hustling the gangster went back in his car to buy some orange juice to sell the people when he to the store there was a bunch of orange juice on the shelf and he didn't know which one to pick so he went to the cashier and asked which one is better and the cashier said the one with the numbers (+30)+(-37) and if u answer that, that's the aisle its in . The gangster used the penny's in the cashier. So he drew the following ( put picture in here ) . When he found the answer he went to aisle 7 and got 6 orange juice boxes. He looked inside the juice boxes and got the prizes out. The prizes were a coloured pencil, a button, a eraser and the rest were empty.

When the gangster was done drinking all the OJ he went to his mothers house to give her the prizes and get money from her for his birthday which was 1 month ago. when he got to his mothers house the gangster's key wouldn't work so he used the pencil and when it didn't work he slammed the door, then a note fell down off the roof saying (+15)+(-9), and it also said "Help me I'm stuck inside". When the Gangster read that he was so scared he used the other prizes to try to open the door. when he couldn't open the door he looked around for a open window and save his mother, then he remembered the question (+15)+(-9) and said "what could that mean" so he answered the question using a number line. When he got the answer +6 he think'ed for about 4 minutes to think what that could have meant when it hit him the lock combo to the shed in the backyard was 6. Then when he opened the shed he saw his mother just laying down sleeping. He picked up his mother and brang her to his house where she slept for the night.
In the morning when the gangster woke up, he went in the living room and couldn't see his mother on the couch, but he saw a mini safe with another question on it (+100)+(-100). His eyes grew so big because the number was too big for him to find the answer so he went to his grade 8 teacher and asked for help. So the next day he went off, when he told his grade 8 teacher the question the teacher said the answer was 0. Then the gangster was so confused he asked how he got it and the teacher said zero pairs. so the gangster put the arrow on 0 on the the mini safe and opened it and inside was 500 dollars. After that the gangster never hustled or anything like that anymore instead he took a course in collage.

Darren 8-73

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justinp8-73 said :
October 29, 2008 at 9:33 PM
Very good story but add pictures you need at least 4.
Leo-73 said :
October 29, 2008 at 11:06 PM
Good story Darren. A couple of things are that you need at least 4 pictures and you have to seperate some paragraphs so it looks equal. A hint if you are having trouble to seperate the paragraphs is that you seperate once it talks about a whole different story. Everything was great and im hoping you get to finish the story.
kara 8-73 said :
November 2, 2008 at 1:25 PM
Great job Darren, but I think that you should add a few pitures and a subtracion question and an adding and subtraction question.

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