Alwin's Integers Story

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One upon a time, a boy named Carlos . He woke up in the middle of nowhere. He did not know why he got there. When he woke up he realized that he don't have any no t-shirt pants on. He kept walking then when he saw some he people. The people their were surprised at him because how did he get here. Then the kids their is going to school at 9.00 in the morning. So he went to the school but he did not know were to go to the class or what grade he is,suddenly their was a teacher going to class so he follow him. He went to class and he did work. The teacher gave him a integer work. The teacher gave 1 question it was (-32)+(-26) and the answer is -6 or own6.
This is the picture

And this is the answer of the question.

The teacher were surprise at him that he is just come to that school that he already know how to do Integers.Then the teacher gave him the stinky locker of the hole locker. He did not like his locker because every student has a good locker expect his stinky. No one like him he was sad then .When the school was over their was this old man gave him t-shirt and pants. Then it was school time again he bump into a girl.Carlos help the girl up. Her name was Suzy. Carlos likes her because she was beautiful. Carlos went to math class same as Susy. Carlos don't have friend except Suzy. They did a work it was Integers. They did number line after number line they did the money integers. He thinks it was easy but it was confusing because you have to do the bucket but Suzy already knows that. She went to meet Suzy they went to get lunch together. Carlos was happy that he is not alone because he has her friend Suzy. But Suzy has to go to his uncles house for a month. Now Carlos was alone again. Then they had a test Carlos got 10 out 10 he said i told it was easy. After a month Suzy was back but Carlos had a lot of friend. Suzy was surprise that has Lot's of friend. Suzy said hi to Carlos and Carlos said hi. Suzy come and meet my friend.

Then Carlo's mom was looking for his son Carlos. Carlos don't want do leave that school because on his other school he only have a little friend but here he has Lot's of friend. Her mom went to get him but she don't know were to go because he don't know were is his son. So Carlos was happy that he don't have to leave his friend.Then he went to school they did the test number line,probability,integers money,subtraction and addition integers. He forgot to study but he thinks that he can do without studying because he thinks that it's only integer's but there is more probability,etc. Then when he was done the test he was nervous at what he might get after the teacher check it he gave gave the exam sheet at all of the kids then Carlos got his test back he look at it. He got 20 out of 50 he wasn't happy so he ask to the teacher if he can study first then do the test again. He study hard all night he was leaving with that old man. Then in the morning he went to do his teat. Carlos gave the teacher his work. The teacher gave it afternoon because he has to correct it. Carlos went to get it. And he look at it he got 45 out of 50 he was happy.

First it is probability picture.

Then the second picture is number line.

Thank you.

Part 2

Carlos mom knows where he is now so she called again then she comes their. He saw his son playing with his friend.he went to the old man's house he pack his stuff but his friend wont let him go home. they were sad,its about (+47)-but he wants to go home he missed his mommy about (-85). so it's (+47)(+85) ill re write it.

This is the picture and answer.

They got home with his mom he was happy his dad was mad at him. but he still went to the school. he was sad again but happy that his back home. he is sad because he only have one friend his name was Justine. Justine has lots of friend he introduce them. Justine ask his friend if Carlos can hang with them and they said yes.


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Brendan 8-73 said :
October 29, 2008 at 7:00 PM
OK Job Alwin! But you should reread your story because when I read it it made no sense.Just to let you know. Also check your spelling. And one more thing The first word of you story is spelt wrong, you said one upon a time( which you should of typed in Once upon a time. You should also consider revising your beginning sentence. Good job for your first time or if you have done it before. :)
kara 8-73 said :
November 2, 2008 at 1:22 PM
Nice job, but you have some spelling and grammer mistakes, try re-reading your story a few times.

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