Shaine's Integer Story

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There were green bottles everywhere. Four walls of big green bottles.
They were neatly piled upon each other, thirty feet high, with their caps pointing inward at him like accusing fingers. There was something floating inside them. It could be anything; water, booze or gasoline. He had never seen bottles like these before. He looked up. The color was white above the bottles. It could be a ceiling, it could be fog. He was not cold.
The bottles were surrounding him on every side. There was about thirty feet between the walls in every direction, leaving him sixty square feet to dwell in. He was trapped. Trapped for real. If anyone in mankinds great history ever had been trapped, it was for sure him, right now. Slowly he sat down in the sand in the center of this happy place. He didn't remember when, or if, he'd ever gotten up. Actually, he couldn't remember anything. Anything at all. Was there anything to remember?
The situation looked even worse from this point of view. The bottles lay uneasy on the sand. This could not be the optimum place to build thirty feet high bottle walls, he thought. He didn't feel too good. He feared the bottles at any given time, would choose to come tumbling down and crush him, as well as themselves, into smithereens.
He dug his hands into the sand and let it seep through his fingers. Repeatedly. He sat like this for a while, trying to erase the bottle walls from his mind. The sand was soft, and easy to play with. He began to relax. He almost felt good watching his fingers with half closed eyes as they worked the sand. He had pretty fingers, he thought, smiling a little.
Suddenly he stopped. The green walls came back to him. He raised his head. Even the caps were green he noticed. He emptied his hands and buried his head in them, rocking it slowly."what am I doing in a crazy,dreamlike place like this",he mumbled sore. Something inside him ordered him to stop whining and start thinking. He stopped the rocking, and started reluctantly to think. Time moved along, but he didn't even come close to a reasonable answer..... or anything. Thinking felt like running in a dream. He tried to focus. There was no way he would find an answer to why he was here, but his dim mind maybe could stumble over an answer to how he could get out. At least he was pretty sure it could tell him if he could get out.
He rose and went over to one of the walls to inspect these strange bricks. But as he came closer, the movement in the sand made by his feet disturbed the bottles. He heard them stroke each other brutally as the ground changed underneath them. He froze. And slowly, slowly he backed to his safe spot in the center. He sat down carefully with a sigh, but didn't dare to breathe before the bottles fell to peace.
He sat dead calm for a long while. Didn't do anything to upset the bottles again. He was waiting. He was making himself ready for his next step. Not that it was a good move, but he couldn't go on leaving it untried. At last he slowly got to his feet. Standing he tilted his head upward. Not a sound. He filled his lunges, raised his head, and shouted the best and loudest he could; - HEEELP!!!. then he heard something strange. . "you have to solve this problem to get out of here. . .hahaha . ! ."..

"Who are you? What problem is that?. ."he said . .

then suddenly a golden bottle appear in front of him ...

and he open it and saw a question inside.......

he was surprised at the question........

and he remembered that he already studied about that.....

and he answered it very quickly...

he answered it correctly..
then he heard the strange voice again. . . .
"hahaha..very well're can already get out of this place like hell..hahaha..!.."

then. . . he saw a very big door with a bright light and he approach it quickly. . .
the door opened. . .
and suddenly when he entered he felt unconsciously and when he was awaked,he had nothing to remember for what has really happened to him .. . . . . . .
TO BE CONTINUED.. . . . . . . .

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Aleiah 8-73 said :
October 26, 2008 at 4:56 PM
Wow. That's an amazing story!
mylesrocks said :
November 5, 2008 at 5:41 PM
lol goodjob meeng , lav yer story :)
November 6, 2008 at 7:17 PM
Good Job Shane but you need to get rid of the blank white space at the end.

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