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Standard Form:

ex. 7 + 8 + 5 = 20 9 + 8 - 4 = 13

Standard form is when you write down numbers without the brackets. (also gr. 7 form) And you just write it down the way you usually write it down. Like 5 + 5 = 10 or 10 - 4 = 6

ex. with brackets- (7) + (8) + (5) = 20 (9) + (8) + (-4) = (13)

Bracket form is when you write down brackets around your numbers, and when subtracting, you write down a minus sign beside the subtracting number.



Gerico's Measure of Central Tendency

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Mean-the sum of all data divided into the number of data.


32 divided by 6=mean:5

Median-the middle number
-if you have 2 middle number find the average

4,8,2,9,6=2 is the middle number

Mode-most common number

6,4,1,3,2,9,8,8=8 is the mode

8-is the most common number

Range-largest data minus smallest data


2 is the smallest
9-is the biggest

So,9-2 =7 is the range



Monique's Integer Story

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One day, in a small town, lived a girl. She had 2 cats. But one day, one of the cats ran away. The girl was very worried when she found him missing. So she went out to find him. It was a very nice day, and the girl looked up in the sky. She noticed a little pattern in the sky with the clouds. She could not tell what it was, so she tried climbing up a tree to get closer. But the tree was too high. Trying to measure it in her mind, she heard a meowing sound. It was her cat! She wanted to get to him, but he was very high up. So again she estimated how long it was. She thought it was about 6.4 feet tall. Her cat tried to come down, but it could not. So the girl started to climb up. She was lucky that there were lots of little branches to put her feet on. They even looked like they were almost perfectly lined up. There were about 18 of them. The girl went up 5, but then she dropped her bag. So she had to go down 5 to get it.

0 + 5 = 5 5 + (-5) = 0

Once she got it, she went up 8 branches. Then up 6 more.

0 + 8 = 8 8 + 6 = 14

She was almost there! But then her cat went down 5. Then back up one because he got scared.

18 + (-5) = 13 13 + 1 = 14

They were on the same branch. The girl grabbed her cat, and climbed down all branches.

14 + (-14) = 0

Then when the girl looked up in the sky again, the pattern was a lot more clear now. They were numbers. And they said:

0 + 5 = 5 5 + (-5) = 0 0 + 8 = 8 8 + 6 = 14 18 + (-5) = 13

13 + 1 = 14

At first the girl did not get it, but then she realized: she just did integers math! When she got home, her cat never ran away again.

The End

Scribe post for Oct.30,2008 by shaine

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Today in class Mr.Harbeck gave us a green booklet,and we tackled about adding and subtracting integers in standard form. For our homework Mr.Harbeck assigned us to do the part 1 (1-20) and part 2 (even numbers only).

In some cases in the part 2 , you should re-write the question first and then add the opposites
and you must also have to remove the "diapers" or parenthesis or something like Mr.Harbeck said...

1.) 8 - (-7) + 3 - (-5) = ?
have8 owe owe7 have3 owe owe5 = ?
8 + 7 + 3 + 5 = 23
have8 have7 have3 have5 = have23

but in part 2 you only have to do the even numbers.....

2.) 5 - (-8) - (7) + 5 = 25

4) 5 - 2 - (-7) - (-3) = 13

6) -7 - (-5) - (-7) - 8 = -3

8) -7 - (-5) - (5) + 8 = 11

10) - (-2) - (-6) - 15 = -7

12) -2 - 3 + 4 - 6 = -7

14) 2 - 7 - 8 = -13

16) 3 - 8 + 9 = 2

18) - 20+ (-8) - 4 - (-10) = -6

20) -100 - (-100) + 50 - (-50) = 100

22) -10- (-10) -1 =1

24) - (-5) + 9 - 20 = -6

Scribe post for October 30 By Vikram

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Today in class we learned about how to do math in standard form. Instead of the regular integers with a *+* and *-* sign. He even gave us a new green booklet. The green booklet looked like the old grades but with a negative sign on some of the numbers. The old way our integer questions were before was at a grade 7 level.
<---- G 7 level.

The grade 8 level looks different and a little harder. it looks like this
<------Grade 8 level

You can see that the math questions look harder with out the brackets. Well here is a way to make life easier for you. If the question reads like this 6 - (-4) Have 6 owe owe 4 you switch the opposite so its 6 + (+4) which reads, have 6 and have 4. Here are some questions.

6+8 = 14

-4 - 3 = -7

14+8 = 22

-11 + 12 = 1

-50 - (100) = -150

For he next Scribe post I choose no one :P

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Todays class is about adding and subtracting integers in standard form.For example 1 + 2 your just gonna add it that gives you 3.It is not the thing that were doing in the test.You read it like this have 1 have 2 never put and.=]

Part 1




Scribe post for Oct.30,2008 by Bea

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This afternoon we have taken in math is the adding and subtracting integers in standard form you only have to do is like this 6+8 or have 6 have 8 not the other type of adding and subtracting integers that have an and like have6 and have 8 this is like the adding of the kindergarten.

Part #1

1) 6+8=14
2) -4-3=-7

Part #2

watch this how to do integers

Scribe post for October 30,2008 by Chie Visda

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Today in class, Mr.Harbeck assigned Part 1 and Part 2 in our Green Booklet For homework. So he decided to do the green booklet for homework.
On Green Booklet, Part 2,we have to use Adding and Subracting Integers

Your suppose to re-write and then you will make the minus to plus.

For Green Blooklet Part 2 Question 2-24 you could use Adding and Subracting Integer
For yellow booklet page 48 Question 15 you could use sum or difference.

15). (+15)+(-5)-(-7)
First you will do the addition of integers by adding (+15) and (-6) and this will give +9.
The sum 9 will give us +9.
The sum 9 will be subtracted to (-7) and in subtraction of integers we need to change the sign of the subtrahend so (-7) will become (+7), then we will proceed to addition of integers.

For Green Blooklet Part 2 Question 2-24 you could use Adding and Subracting Integer
For yellow booklet page 48 Question 15 you could use sum or difference.

Scribe post for Oct. 29,08 by Lance Galang

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Today we worked on the yellow booklet page 48 & 49.

These question that im doing is page 49.

11). (+15)=(-6)-(-7)
First you do addition of integers by getting the sum of (+8)+(-5)=-3

After getting the sum which is =3 we can proceed to subtraction of integers, we have to change the sign of the subtrahend, so form (-3) it will become (=3) then we will proceed to addition of integers.

step 1: (=8)+(-5)=+3
step 2: (+3)-(-3)=?
step 3:(+3)+(+3)==6

15). (+15)+(-5)-(-7)
First you will do the addition of integers by adding (+15) and (-6) and this will give +9.
The sum 9 will give us +9.
The sum 9 will be subtracted to (-7) and in subtraction of integers we need to change the sign of the subtrahend so (-7) will become (+7), then we will proceed to addition of integers.

step 1: (+15)+(-6)=+9
step 2:(+9)-(-7)=?
step 3: (+9)+(+7)=+16

The answer is +16.

Scribe Post for Oct. 29 by Anylance

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Today in class we worked on the yellow booklet page 48.

21). (-10)+(-8)+(+6)-(+2)

First we you have to do the addition of integers, we have to combine, first the negative, then add the positive numbers.

(-10)+(-8)=-18 then add (-18)+(+6)=-12

After getting the sum, we will proceed to subtraction, that is (-12)-(+2)=-14
How did we get -14?
In subtraction of integers we have to change the sign of subtrahend so (+2) will become negative 2 then proceed to addition of integers.


22). (-5)=(-3)=(=4)
First you have to do the addition of integers, (-5)+(-3)=-8
After getting the sum which is negative eight, we can now proceed to addition of integer (-8)=(-4)=-12 the answer is -12.

Gerico's Integer Story

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Once upon a time there were lots of sports car in the Gerico's sport cars bit the problem is lots of the cars are not moving at all either you put a gas oil or anything the car move .Gerico have 18,481 sports car in his shop,one minute later their was a guy named carlos and try to have a deal on the yellow 2009 chevrolet corvett that cost 50,000 dollars.Carlos react he said how about 25,000 dollars gerico said 'oh common ',thats so cheap man,and maybe i can give you chevrolet malibu.Carlos thinks what the good deal is.Carlos wants the corvett and they have a deal of 49,000 dollars and a additional of teaching him to add and subtract integers every week.


Carlos go back on Gerico's shop and completing a deal of 49,000 dollars with an additional of teaching lessons for one year carlos go to gerico's office having apen and a paper on his hand
gerico's first question was, whats the sign for negative.You put like a minus sign on it.How do you know it though?because Mr.Harbeck teach me that thing yesterday.

I'm going to give you an example of adding negative integers and yry to answer it by your self Gerico'said.

-2 + -9= -11

-5 + -8 = -13

-13 + -7 = -20

You are right carlos good job!but can you explain it to me how did you get those answers Gerico 'said.
For example the first question they have the same sign and you just have to add it negative 2 plus negative 9 gives you negative 11.

Carlos you really did a good job!keep up the good work.The contract between gerico and carlos have been settled done carlos have left driving a brand new sports car and a lesson that he will never forgot.


Few minutes later a guy come and looking for a truck his name was justin.Justin is looking to have a deal with the white chevy silverado and a package of teaching him how to add positive integers justin have a deal with gerico and the lesson will start tommorow morning.

On the following day justin came back to the shop .Justin walks through gerico's office.What do you put for the positive sign?Give ma 2 ways how to do it.

For example 18 you can just simply put 18 and another thing is you will put plus sign before the number.

How do you know this things justin?gerico said.when i was in grade 7 Mr. Isfeld teach me those.
So' i will give you an example and try to answer it.

+2 + +9 = +11

+17 + +5 = +22

+29 + + +16 = +45

Your work i well done justin!thank you justin said.

One week after the deal carlos and justin go back to gerico's shop and complaining about their cars.Justin said why is my truck not starting.I don't know maybe there's a code on it.What's the code the two guys said maybe its the lesson that i teach you guys gerico said.What is it?carlos says.The only lesson that we don't study is the meaning of integers justin said.Your right justin we can solve that problem if you guys know what integers mean.Justin and carlos ask gerico if he knows what does Integer means.Carlos and justin have no idea what integer is.The only man that can solve it is gerico because he's good in math.I got it he shouts ''Integer are the set of numbers consisting the natural numbers including positives 0,1,2,3......and their negatives-0,-1,-2,-3 etc.The two cars started to start and move carlos and justin are so thankful to gerico,first the car and the most important one learning about integers.

Scribe Post for October 27, 08 by Christian

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Subtracting Integers

When subtracting integers we have to use the rule:TO SUBTRACT INTEGERS, "WE ADD THE OPPOSITE"

For example:



after you change the opposites you must follow the rule in adding integers.

There is another way to subtract integers and that is using the algebra tiles.

You need to draw the algebra tiles that represents the equation.

Then you need to find the the zero pair of the integer like showed in the diagram then

take away the integer that is really there and replace it with the opposite integer, for example -3 replace it with +3..... that is what I meant about replacing it with the opposite integer.

For example:

1)( - 2 )-( - 3 ) = +5

Here is a great video so you can understand more about subtracting integers......

Plssssssssssssss.leave a commeent

Justinp's Integer Story

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One glorious afternoon, Bubba decided to go to his friends house Gump. So he walked to his friends house and on the way he had to walk at least 10 tiles but on the way there he found a shortcut, which reduced tiles by -4, so he had to find out how much tiles he had left to get to his friends house. The question was (10)+(-4). Fortunately for Bubba he had 10 sticks of bubble gum in his pocket, so he chewed 4 pieces this was the question:
Equivalent to 6

So Bubba found out he just had to walk 6 more tiles to his friends house. On his way to his friends house Bubba met his friend Dumbo, Dumbo said to Bubba that he couldn't go home because he owed his mom ($37), but Bubba only had ($17), Bubba being the nice guy he is decided to loan his friend the money he needed to go home, but Bubba didn't know how much to give his friend. So his friend the decided to help figure out how much Bubba should give him. So they knew the question was: (-37)+(+17) Owe 37 and have 17. So Bubba and his friend found 37 rocks and took out 17 rocks and counted what was left. After they counted it they found out it was 20: (-37)+(+17)=20

Owed 37 and have 17
Then Bubba got his friends house but he needed to put a code in. He didn't know what it was so, he looked around to find hints. He found a cheat sheet on the side of the door so he read it.. It said he had to go to the left 5times and to the right 8 times.

He found out that the code +3 so, when he put the code in and the door opened. Bubba friend was waiting for Bubba in the other room. Bubba and Gump was about to play video games but there was a problem. They had to put in another number code in because Gump's parents saw the game was M for mature so they put in a code. The hint for the code was (+7)+(-3). Earlier today before Bubba came, Gump brought cookies downstairs. He had just amount of cookies to figure out the question. So it looked like this.

So they figured it out and it was 4, and they broke the code and played video games. They were
hungry so they ate all the cookies.

Then Gumps parents came and they....

To Be Continued..

Part 2

Gumps parents came and saw him and Bubba playing the m for mature game, and they were not suppose to. When they came in the door they were really mad because there was lots of violence and inappropriate language and images. So they took the game away and told him he can never play the game again. She also said he was grounded for (+3)-(-4) days , but Gump didn't understand how many days was that, so Gump looked in his calender. He moved up 3 days from the 4th, he knew that you can't subtract in integers so, he changed (-4) to (+4) because he knew you had to change it to and opposite. The question know was (+3)+(+4). So he moved up 4 more days and it looked like this:

Which is equivalent to 7 .

So Gump found out he was grounded for 7 days so he was not allowed to play anything for 7days.
As the days passed Gump was really bored it was going to be 7 days in (+3)+(+3)-(+2) minutes his mother said, but he didn't understand her so he figured out his work on a piece of paper like this:

So he found it was just 4 more minutes left until he can play video games again, but unfortunately for Gump he had to sleep because it was about midnight. The next morning Gump woke up and he found a new game on his bed, it was a power rangers game so, he ran all the way downstairs and thanked his parents for the game. He went back to his room and played his video game all day long and never got in trouble ever again.

The End..

Chie'sIntegers Story

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Once upon a time, there was these 2 teens named Paul, and his bestfriend Patrick. They were into basketball. So they decided to buy a nice balltogether and share. So they headed off to Sport check. Paul wanted a pro board. But Paul wasn't sure if they had saved up enough money. But luckily, there was a sale that said "answer this question and get 50% off any branded ball accessories".Patrick wasn't so good at math, so Paul had to answer the questions. First question was (+12)+(-16)= ...... So Paul was thinking. He drew out the question on a scrap piece of paper

So Paul got the question correct. The answer was -3. But now Paul had to buy wheels and bearings. He wanted to save money so he answered another question. The question was(+3 ) + (-4)= .... So Paul drew out the question on the same scrap paper.

Paul got the question right. So he saved 50% of his money already. He would have enough money left to buy trucks for the ball, if he answers the next question right. (+4)+(+3)= ...... So Paul did the samething again.

Patrick had got the answer correct and they were able to buy their dream board with the 50% question game. Now they are HAPPY!


Scribe Post for October 27, 2008

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Today in class we learnt all about subtracting integers. Mr. Harbeck VERY clearly told us that INTEGERS DO NOT SUBTRACT, YOU ADD THE OPPOSITE (don't worry if you don't understand I will be explaining it in the methods.) Here are two methods that you can use to subtract integers.



For this method you have to re-write the question to make it easier on yourself. If the question says (+5)-(+3) you should replace the subtraction sign with an addition sign. That's the adding part. Now you replace the +3 with a -3. That's the THE OPPOSITE part. Then you just answer the addition question however you want. Now the question should look like this, (+5)+(-3)=(+2)

E.G. This is question #31 on page 46 (the yellow booklet).

That was one method of subtracting integers.


For this method you have to draw out the integer tiles (they can be circles too.) For example if the question says (-3)-(+3) you should draw out the first integer the same, and the second one should be a zero pair. Then you cross out the tiles that are the 2nd integer in the question. Then you just add up the remaining tiles and you have the answer! Here is a picture if you don't understand it yet....

E.G. This is question #20 on page 46 show as integer tiles. (the yellow booklet).

and this is the solution.
That was another method on how to subtract integers.
In class Mr. Harbeck also assigned page 46 in the yellow booklet for homework, and we got some time in class to do it.

Lance's Integers Story

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Once upon a time there was a girl name Anne. When Anne was walking her way home she heard something and then she fell on a hole and then she got to a really weird place she was really scared and then she wanted to cross the bridge but first she has to answer a integer question she answered the question she really loved math especially integers. And her answer was correct so she get to cross the bridge.When she walking she saw a box and then she was really curious she was wondering whats inside so she opened it and another integer question if she answer that question she will have a map to go back home so she answered she got the map back home.

She was really happy, and then when she got home she stared walking home when she got home she didn't remember anything.

To be continued...

Franks Integer Story

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Once upon a time, there was these 2 teens named Andrew, and his buddy Alwin. They were into skateboarding. So they decided to buy a skateboard together and share. So they headed off to West49. Andrew wanted a proboard. But Andrew wasn't sure if they had saved up enough money. But luckily, there was a sale that said "answer this question and get 50% off any branded skateboard accessories". Alwin wasn't so good at math, so Andrew had to answer the questions. First question was (+45) + (-85) = ...... So Andrew was thinking. He drew out the question on a scrap piece of paper.

So Andrew got the question correct. The answer was -3. But now Andrew had to buy wheels and bearings. He wanted to save money so he answered another question. The question was (+4) + (-4) = .... So Andrew drew out the question on the same scrap paper.

Andrew got the question right. So he saved 50% of his money already. He would have enough money left to buy trucks for the board, if he answers the next question right. (+3) + (+2) = ...... So Andrew did the samething again.

Andrew had got the answer correct and they were able to buy their dream board with the 50% question game. Now they are POSITIVELY HAPPY!

This is what their board looks like....


Now Andrew and Alwin are at about to enter the skatepark. But to enter the skatepark you must answer an integer question that involves SUBTRACTING! Andrew didn't know how to do subtracting with integers. So Alwin had to step up and answer the subtracting question. The guard at the entrance asked Alwin this question.... (+3) - (-4) = ......

Frank 9-05

, ,

Azra's Interger story

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Once upon a time there was a boy whose name was Negative. He used to go to Green Leaf School. There was another boy who was in the same school. His name was Positive. Negative always think negatively and that's why he never had any friends. On the other hand Positive had lots of friends. He would always try to help others. When he saw that negative always stayed alone, he told Negative to be his friend. Since Negative didn't trust anybody, he thought Positive was not a good boy. He thought he could not trust Positive. So, he refused positive. He told him if he answer this question, he will think about itthen the negative bot say yes, now we are friends. Very soon the exam is begain. positive boy try to make a good result. The positive boy want to help the negative boy because the negative boy is not good in math. If he try to help the negative boy he have to give a answer for this integers question! The positive boy thought yes he have to do it right.

when he did it right, His teacher said, "yes you can help your friend but you have to make a good result for yourself, Then positive boy asked "what i have to do". Then the teacher said ,"wait for the tommorow morning",but the positive boy not scared for the exam he thought he have to make a good result. Next morning teacher asked him some question. If he answerd the questions correctly, then he will pass. Those questions are:

the positive boy always want to be a doctor in his future. His parents dream saw haim a good doctor. Positive boy wants to be a doctor for his parents and for peopls help. He want to be a dentist. If he want to be a positive dentist, then he have to give this answer:

TO BE CONTINUED... ... .....

Shaine's Integer Story

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There were green bottles everywhere. Four walls of big green bottles.
They were neatly piled upon each other, thirty feet high, with their caps pointing inward at him like accusing fingers. There was something floating inside them. It could be anything; water, booze or gasoline. He had never seen bottles like these before. He looked up. The color was white above the bottles. It could be a ceiling, it could be fog. He was not cold.
The bottles were surrounding him on every side. There was about thirty feet between the walls in every direction, leaving him sixty square feet to dwell in. He was trapped. Trapped for real. If anyone in mankinds great history ever had been trapped, it was for sure him, right now. Slowly he sat down in the sand in the center of this happy place. He didn't remember when, or if, he'd ever gotten up. Actually, he couldn't remember anything. Anything at all. Was there anything to remember?
The situation looked even worse from this point of view. The bottles lay uneasy on the sand. This could not be the optimum place to build thirty feet high bottle walls, he thought. He didn't feel too good. He feared the bottles at any given time, would choose to come tumbling down and crush him, as well as themselves, into smithereens.
He dug his hands into the sand and let it seep through his fingers. Repeatedly. He sat like this for a while, trying to erase the bottle walls from his mind. The sand was soft, and easy to play with. He began to relax. He almost felt good watching his fingers with half closed eyes as they worked the sand. He had pretty fingers, he thought, smiling a little.
Suddenly he stopped. The green walls came back to him. He raised his head. Even the caps were green he noticed. He emptied his hands and buried his head in them, rocking it slowly."what am I doing in a crazy,dreamlike place like this",he mumbled sore. Something inside him ordered him to stop whining and start thinking. He stopped the rocking, and started reluctantly to think. Time moved along, but he didn't even come close to a reasonable answer..... or anything. Thinking felt like running in a dream. He tried to focus. There was no way he would find an answer to why he was here, but his dim mind maybe could stumble over an answer to how he could get out. At least he was pretty sure it could tell him if he could get out.
He rose and went over to one of the walls to inspect these strange bricks. But as he came closer, the movement in the sand made by his feet disturbed the bottles. He heard them stroke each other brutally as the ground changed underneath them. He froze. And slowly, slowly he backed to his safe spot in the center. He sat down carefully with a sigh, but didn't dare to breathe before the bottles fell to peace.
He sat dead calm for a long while. Didn't do anything to upset the bottles again. He was waiting. He was making himself ready for his next step. Not that it was a good move, but he couldn't go on leaving it untried. At last he slowly got to his feet. Standing he tilted his head upward. Not a sound. He filled his lunges, raised his head, and shouted the best and loudest he could; - HEEELP!!!. then he heard something strange. . "you have to solve this problem to get out of here. . .hahaha . ! ."..

"Who are you? What problem is that?. ."he said . .

then suddenly a golden bottle appear in front of him ...

and he open it and saw a question inside.......

he was surprised at the question........

and he remembered that he already studied about that.....

and he answered it very quickly...

he answered it correctly..
then he heard the strange voice again. . . .
"hahaha..very well're can already get out of this place like hell..hahaha..!.."

then. . . he saw a very big door with a bright light and he approach it quickly. . .
the door opened. . .
and suddenly when he entered he felt unconsciously and when he was awaked,he had nothing to remember for what has really happened to him .. . . . . . .
TO BE CONTINUED.. . . . . . . .

Bea's Integers story

11:46 AM

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Cold Feet

Eleanor was Mrs. Foster's daughter or eldest daughter.She had wild blonde curly hair that fell in front of her eyes whenever she bent forward, and long bony limbs.Sadie was the youngest,with straight reddish hair and bold blue eyes and tiny hands. She was quieter than her sister and seemed fall in love with Owen that night the boys showed up at Mrs.Foster's farmhouse half frozen and lost.And the solution for the being lost of Mrs. Foster's house is to answer the question in the gate and it was this Integers...
(-45 + (+98)
then he answer the question and the answer is +53 and they can go at this time in Mrs. Foster's farm.

And then they was done in there tour their Uncle Lorne drove the boys home.Their parents were terribly upset about them being out so late and wandering so far from home, and they didn't even know about the
near disasters on the ice and the train bridge. Margaret stood in the kitchen, which was steamy with the smell of soup that had been boiling for hours, and said that was it, they'd never be allowed out of the house on their own again. The solution for being they allowed of the house on their own again is to solve the Integer problem and this is the...
(+78) +(+87)
and they answer the question about Integer and their answer is +165 and they now allowed of the house on their own again to be continued...

Margaret stood in the kitchen, which was steamy with the smell of soup that had been boiling for hours, and said that was it,they'd never out of the house on their own again but the cause of they answered the question about integers they allowed now to go out of their house but theirs a problem theirs a favor to go out to theirs house and this is they could be the persons to answer the question in homework of her baby sister and these are the....
1. (-78 )- (+97)
(-78)+(-97) =
2. (+65 )- (-65)

and they answer it clearly and the answer are in number one is -175 and the answer in number two is +130 and now their mother allowed them to go out freely in their own house to be continued.....

Zeeshan's integer story

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Once apon a time there was a boy name Andy .He was walking on the street .Then suddenly some gangsters jumped infront of them and blocked his way.Andy now knew something was wrong so he said can i go?.Then those guyz said Andy to solve a integer question.The question was (+12) + (-16)=.Now Andy had trouble doing it in head.He was thinking and suddenly a kid from those bad guyz pushed him into the ground when Andy falled down some coins falled out from his pants.Now he thought maybe he can use coins he have.He putted 12 coins on a side and 16 on onother


have 12 owe 16=owe 4

then he thought he have 12 and owe 16 that gives him -4.Andy now proudly said the answer is -4 and i am sure that my answer is correct because i am better than you in integers so now get of my way!

those dudes still didnt let andy go and blocked his way of the guy name Drake in those dudes said oh ya if you think you are that good at in integers than battle me.I am the master of integers!.Drake pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and made question and the rule was that whoever get the most questions right will win.These were the questions shown below




Drake got two of them correct but got a last one wrong. His answer was -1.Andy's answer was +23 wich is correct so Andy won and helped Drake in that question.


Kareel's Integer Story

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Once upon a time there was a guy named Pork who is a terrorist. He is in a war and while he was walking slowly he found his friends and there all dead he kept walking and walking and walking until he encounter a police named Beef.Beef said i will let you run away if you answer this integer question.But Pork do not know anything because he didn't barely went to school.Pork said here is the integer question (+5)+(+5) = ?Pork used his bullets to answer the integer question. He said the answer is +10.Beef let him run away and he said when i see you next time i wont let you go.Then pork Started running then he stopped well because he's tired and then he started walking.

While he was walking he saw a zombie and he killed it

He doesn't have enough bullets so he have use a integer question to have enough
(+10)+(+10)=+20 so he save 10 more bullet in case he ran out.After answering an integer question he stopped to eat lunch but when he was eating lunch he saw Beef again Beef said you have to answer this integer question or else i will kill you.(+12)+(-16)=? and he said (+4)Beef said HA! its wrong the answer is (-4)now i am going to kill you then Pork started shooting him

Then Beef started shooting too did Pork died???


Zerlina's Integer Story

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Part 1

That was where it happened. The death of my brother right in front of me. My brother, Michael, we never really got along that well. At the end we both discovered the meaning of life. It all started at home. I had this project at school. Micheal never liked school he always fooled around and never payed attention. I was a good Honor student. Micheal damaged my project and I got really mad. I told mom and she said
"He'll learn." She always says that its like she never cares. I redid my project it looked so bad and I only had 1 day to work on it. It was a math project. Math is my favourite subject because it is so simple to understand.
My brother says I'm a homework freak especially when it comes to math. Its true its just he tells all of his friends and they laugh. He is so popular at school. So when he tells them something it passes on around the whole school that's what I hate the most.
The next day I handed in my project and my teacher was disappointed in me. The whole class laughed and made fun of my new project. When ever that happens I always feel like I want to run away.
That night I snuck out and my brother followed. He found I was acting very very strange because I'm not really like that. I was walking toward an unusually looking tree. It wasn't just any tree, it was very huge. I went closer and closer. There was a huge opening and I went in to see what was inside. My brother followed me in and that was where I noticed him.
"What are you doing here?!" I said.
"I went to follow you because you snuck out your not usually like that, that's more like me."
Then all of a sudden I heard this voice. Micheal heard it too. It was very deep.
"Hello! You just entered a world of darkness. In this world you can never come out unless you are smart enough to get through good luck! Ha ha ha!"
"What was that all about do you know Micheal?!"
"Who knows we'll have to see for ourselves."
"Okay than. Here we go!"
Then we ran into a huge bright hole. At the other end there was a whole new world. A world of integers. We walked forward and there was a sign that said,

Then my brother went ahead and didn't care so I went along. If only I'd listen to the sign. If only I told my brother to come back maybe he wouldn't have died.
We kept on going and there was another sign that said,

We were stopped by an integer sign. It said,

I called out the number 0 and my brother did too. Then the same deep voice came in the middle of now where.
"Correct you may pass."
"That was weird." Micheal said. "It seems like he wanted to strangle someone."
"I know." I said.
We walked for a long time and it was very awkward. My brother and I didn't talk because we were too weirded out of what happened so far. And I was too mad at my brother anyways. We just walked and walked hoping to come to an end. But it didn't - we just had more integer questions to solve. We couldn't move all of a sudden.
"I'm stuck." I said.
"Me too." Micheal said.
"Aghh we are stuck in a pit. How are we going to get out?" I said.
Than the deep voice said,
"You must answer the following question!"
"Aghhh not again!" Micheal said.

"I know this." Micheal said. "It's -17"
"Yeah it's -17." I said.
"Correct." The deep voice said. "You may pass."
Then the I started to feel my fingers as the sand came off my body. Micheal was out already as my feet were still stuck in the sand. I pulled myself out gasping for air. I was so exhausted.
We kept on walking and this woman was at a gate. She said you can't pass unless you can answer this question.

"That's easy!" I said. "+1"
"Yeah +1." Micheal said.
"Correct" the woman said. "You may pass."
"That woman looks so mad." Micheal said.
"Yeah but I wonder how many more questions there are I like math but not like this." I said.
We kept on walking farther and farther. Than all of a sudden my brother and I were stopped by this man. He said we'd had to answer this integer question and if we got it right he would let us go if we got it wrong he'd still let us go but I thought he was lying. He was very unusual, but I said fine and then he gave it to us.

"That's easy +20." I said.
"What about you." the man said.
" Its not +20 that one is easy its -20" Micheal said.
"The answer is +20 you were wrong. Then he took Micheal away and he came back after and said to him,
"You were wrong so BANG!" and he knocked my brother out and I yelled at the man.
"Are you crazy are you insane why did you kill my brother?!" I bursted to tears "He is only 15, and why did you kill him right in front of me?!"
"Well didn't you see the sign at first it said you should turn back danger is ahead remember! You have to know your integers to be able to leave this world plus you had many warnings!"
"Whatever but you will pay for doing that!"
And I ran off in tears seeing my dead brother on the ground just ripped me to pieces. I didn't look back.

To be continued............................

Part 2

I ran off hoping I could leave this integer world of darkness thinking about my brother how much I missed him already. Than all of a sudden the same man who killed my brother went up to me and said,

"You must answer this int-" I cut him off and said,

"Just go away, leave me alone you killed my brother just because he got 1 integer question wrong! You evil killer! GO AWAY!"

"Just answer if you want to get out! I did not make up the rules! I am controlled! I was stuck here because I didn't answer any questions. I was too depressed because my sister is lost in this world and I tried my hardest to get her out and I hadn't seen my family and sister for years now! So do you want to end up like me? Just answer the question already!" The man said.

"Okay then give it to me then, I just can't believe you." I said.

"You must answer subtraction integers but there is no such thing as subtraction good luck." He said. He gave me the piece of paper and it said,

"How am I going to do this question if I can't subtract?" I thought. "Think, THINK. I've got it I'll have to add the opposite. I turned the piece of paper around and wrote,

"The answer is -4." I said.

"Correct you may pass." The man said.

I ran not looking back then the man was killed when I saw him fall to the ground all of a sudden. I was scared. I ran faster and saw this girl just standing there.

"Hello?" I said. The girl didn't answer. "Hello?" I said again. Then she started to cry. "Are you okay?" I said.

"I just can't seem to get out of this place. I found out that my brother died, I saw some one fall to the ground, I just know it was him." She said.

"Don't worry my brother died too not to long ago. I was just talking to your brother, he told me he was trying to save you but he is being controlled." I said.

"We can get through this together then." She said trying to hide her tears.
"We WILL get through this together." I said. "By the way what’s your name?"
"It's Lucy and yours?" She said.
"Margo." I said. "Nice to meet you." and we ran off together waiting to be stopped by another integer question, I just made a friend!


We walked and walked and then that deep voice was there again.

"Answer the following integer question."

"Its that voice again have you heard it before?" I said.

"Yeah! Its freaks me out." Lucy said.

"What do you want?" I said to the sky. "LEAVE US ALONE!"

A paper fell from the sky it said,

"Shoot I've never really got algebra tiles." Lucy said.

"Don't worry I'll teach you." I turned the paper around and wrote,

"Oh I'm starting to get it." Lucy said. "The answer is 0."

"Yes, it's 0." I said.

Then the deep voice came again and said,

"Correct you may pass."

"Who are you?" I said.

"You must not talk back, my brother did that and was controlled and he was taken away from Me,” she said sadly. "I always think it's my fault for jumping into the tree."

"I know what you mean." I said. "My brother died because he didn't know an integer question, killed by your brother." I realized whom I was with! "Your the sister of the killer who killed my brother!"

"He isn't like that, I'm telling you!" She shouted, "He's controlled by the deep voice!" She started to cry. "I'm sorry! I know just how you feel! Margo, don't make me leave you because you’re just ignoring me!"

"I know. I'm just thinking what my parents are going to say when I come home with no brother." I said.

"You know the deep voice is a mystery. He has a voodoo doll of everyone! He only lets you out if you are doing well with the integer questions." She said.

"You've got to be kidding." I said, "There is no way to get out now."

"Lets get going then." She said. And we ran ahead. We kept on walking. Then we bumped into something huge.

"What could it be Lucy?" I asked. Then all of a sudden the huge mystery thing turned around and it was a huge elephant! But it wasn't just any elephant it was an evil elephant. It stomped its feet in anger.

"I think we woke it!" Lucy said.

"You think!" I said sarcastically. Then the elephant chased after Lucy and she ran and ran.

"HELP!" she yelled!

"I'LL SAVE YOU JUST STAY CALM!" I shouted. The elephant picked up Lucy and waved her around.

"HELP!" She yelled again. It tied her up and put her in a cage. The elephant yelled,

"You must answer the following integer question!" It was the deep voice!

"Let her go!" I yelled.

"Just listen to him he'll kill you!" Lucy yelled.

He dropped a piece of paper again. It said,

“Shoot he only gave me 10 minutes!” I thought! “I have to do this for Lucy.”

“HELP!” Lucy yelled.

“Don’t worry Lucy I’ll save you!” I yelled. I turned the paper around and started to write,

“Here! Now let her go you evil elephant!” I shouted.

“Margo!” She yelled.

“Just wait he’s checking it I’ll be there.” I yelled back.
“Okay but hurry!” She said. As the elephant was checking it, I felt so scared thinking that he was going to kill her like the man killed my brother – I’m not going to lose any more people any more.
“Correct but you didn’t show your work!” He said happily and joyfully.

“NO!” I yelled. I was so mad. I looked around and saw a knife. I ran toward the evil elephant in anger stabbing him rapidly making sure he’d fall. You don’t know how wrong I was.

To be continued………………………..