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On Friday, December the 19th, all the grade 8 classes went to Mr. Harbeck's room and watched a movie called, "Pay It Forward." The main message in that movie was that, just one person could make a difference. To help spread the word about "paying it forward," each student was assigned to do one act of kindness, during the winter break.
I know that we were only assigned to do one act of kindness, but I wanted to do an extra one, and I did, but I got Mr. Harbeck's permission first. (:

1) Who are you going to help?
2) What are you going to do?
3) Where are you going to do this?
4) When are you going to do this?
I'm planning to help drivers, pedestrians, my parents, and my brother, by shoveling the snow in my back lane (with parent supervision), and cooking eggs for my brother. I'll be doing this in my house kitchen, just before we sleep.

1) What happened?
2) How did you feel?
3) How did the the person/people react?
4) Did you ask the person/people involved, to "pay it forward?"
5) If you did not ask the person/people, to "pay it forward," how come?

While I was shoveling, a car passed by, and the driver smilied at me. I felt good about what I was doing. I knew that I was doing the right thing. Plus, I was having fun, too. My parents were very pleased, and proud of me. And I did ask them to "pay it forward." And they said, "definitely."

I cooked scrambled eggs for my little brother, for a bedtime snack. I felt good about myself, and the fact that I love to cook, made this act of kindness very fun for me. As a result, the eggs turned out great. My brother ate it all up and said thank you. And I also asked him to "pay it forward." And he said, "of course."

Yes. I strongly believe that only one person could make a difference. Even if you just did the simplest things, like setting up the table for dinnertime and putting your toys away. Just as long as your making someone else happy, and you feel good about it. If everyone in the world "pays it forward," we could be able to make a big difference.
I dream of a world where everyone's smiling. And happy.

Thanks for checking out my "Pay It Forward" experience.
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Brendan 8-73 said :
January 7, 2009 at 12:38 PM
Hey Melanie Its me.
Decided to give you a comment becasue you gave me one on mine. haha
So your Pay it Forward post is really well done with lots of explaining on what you did. I also liked all the colour you it was a nice touch.Good Job :)
(Take a look at my scribe, it now has lots of info.) :P
melanie873 said :
January 7, 2009 at 7:07 PM
Haaha, thanks Brendan, and by the way, I commented twice :P and don't worry, I'm going to check your scribe right now (:

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