Pay It Forward

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Before the winter break, we watched a movie called "Pay it Forward." The movie was about someone who believes that one person can make a difference. After watching this movie we were ask to do a random act of kindness and ask who ever we helped to Pay it Forward. What I did to pay it forward was I shovel snow and cleaned around the house(wash dishes, clean my room, etc).
I helped my parents do all that stuff after New Year.
I felt really good that I helped out my parents. I think my parents were happy that I helped so that they wouldn't do as much work around the house and get tired. I think one person can really make a difference just by do something to help another.



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melanie873 said :
January 6, 2009 at 11:57 PM
Great job, Aaron! I liked your picture. Although, they're suppose to be three paragraphs, but since you answered most of the questions, I think that it'll be okay. Great job, again!

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