Pay It Forward

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In class we watched the movie "Pay it Forward", it is about a person that believes that just one person can make a difference. After watching the movie, we were asked to do a random act of kindness over the holiday's and ask them to "Pay it Forward". I was thingking about shoveling so two days before new year me and Andrew chose to go to my friends house. then me and Andrew started acting out some kindness by shoveling our friends yard. Like Andrew said it was cold that day but me and Andrew still chose to Pay it Forward.

1) Who are you going to help?
2) What are you going to do?
3) Where are you going to do this?
4) When are you going to do this?

I felt happy that I helped my friend shovel his yard. So you ask if one person can make a difference, my answer is yes! it doesn't have to big as long as you do something good and it makes the person happy and might even do it for someone else.

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melanie873 said :
January 5, 2009 at 6:16 PM
Good job Kareel! I liked that you posted two pictures, and the way you used different colours, but some of the colours you used were a little too bright. Also, you made some spelling mistakes, but it's still okay. Good job, again!

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