Pay It Forward

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Paying It Forward

Since it is winter time and snow is blowing real hard and covers most of our surroundings, I have decided to help father clear our driveway/pathway of snow by shovelling it clear.

Last night gave us a fairly thick dose of snow and I woke up early to give my father a hand in clearing our driveway/back lane. Having a clear driveway would enable my father to park our car easier.

Although the snow is almost a foot deep and the temperature outside is biting cold, we were able to clear our driveway, pathway, back lane and even the sidewalk. I was very glad that I was able to help my father.

When our neighbours saw us shovelling, they also went outside and clear their pathways. They told us that, it is much easier to work if you have someone with you instead of doing it by yourself.

I believe that change is always within the realm of possibility and that one person, no matter how small he/she maybe in stature could ultimately make a difference.

A small dose of kindness will always go a long, long way in spreading goodwill among men. A little act of generosity would always produce bigger result in kindness, humility and fellowship.

Man by nature is kind and it would only take somebody extending his helping hands to have a quantum result. PAY IT FORWARD is not something that could only be found in utopian setting nor is it an enigma in our present world but it is a reality that is within every person, within his heart, within his soul.

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melanie873 said :
January 3, 2009 at 11:53 PM
Good job Bea! I liked the way you explained your answers to the questions, very clearly. I also liked your pictures. Keep it up!

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