Pay It Forward

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Before winter break the teacher made us watch a movie its called Pay It Forward.
And we watch it and there was boy who believed that one Person can make a difference.
And they gave us home work question.

1). Who are you going to help?
2). What are you going to do?
3). When are you going to do this?
4). When are going to do this?

During the break I went outside and I shovel the snow.It was cold and my hands was frozen so i went inside my mom made soup so i can get warm.I shovel in front and back of the house and outside of our garaged.I did this for 1 week.My Sister help my mom doing washing cloths and more stuff. My dad was listening no music,and I help burn a CD,I put music old music.

Then the question we need to answer is CAN ONE PERSON MAKE A DIFFERENES
and my answer is yes.


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