Pay It Forward

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For my homework, I have been helping my family and people I dont even know. I helped my mom take care of my sister. While I was joining my sister watch barney, my mom takes the laundry and clean the kitchen. Then, my mom switch places. I do the laundry and wash the dishes. While she joins my sister watch barney.

(waiting for my sister and my mom to wake up and take a picture of them)

The next day after doing the laundry and cleaned the kitchen, I shoveled my front and backyard. I also shoveled my sidewalk and my neighbour's sidewalk.

(waiting for someone to take a pic of me outside)

After I shoveled the snow outside, I cooked some steak for my family.

(picture of my steak)

One person can make a big difference. Helping others will encourage them to pay it forward to more and more people.



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