Scribe Post for Jan 19 2009

1:06 PM

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Today in class we started on the 2 step equations.
On the inside of the blue, we wrote 2n+1=5.

You isolate the variable (2n)
Cancel constant (+1)
Cancel multiply (2n)

There are 2 cancellations.

You cancel the constant first. You get rid of the +1 with a -1.

-1 -1

You get rid of the variable second. You get rid of the times 2 with a divide by 2. n=2 After that, you verify.


You don't need all 4 lines. Only the parts in blue.

After that, we went on to the next page on the front. We wrote 3n+4=19. We solved it 2 ways. The first way was the same with the last question. The other way, we just did the cancelling on the other side.


The verifying is the same as the other way. After that, we switched to the 'equations' side (the front-right-bottom side) of the green where you draw the pictures. This is what we wrote.

After that, we went to the back of the bottom-left green part and solved -2n+3=9 both ways. We went back to the other part of green (the bottom-right-back) and drew this.

Our homework was in the purple booklet. Page 43, the multiplying questions only. I choose Zerlina to do the next scribe.

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Zerlina 873 said :
January 20, 2009 at 6:15 PM
Good job Aleiah! I loved your scribe post, it was great! Your pictures were spectacular. I also liked how you showed examples. But your scribe would have been better if you added colour in the pictures. Good job again!

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