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We watched a movie about kindness at school and were asked to pay it forward too during winter break.

I decided to help my parents for this project. Originally, I was planning on doing something that involved our family in Philippines too, just to see if it would work but then I couldn't think of a possible way to help so at the last minute, I decided I'd just do whatever came up. In the end, I babysat my brothers and his friend while my mom did her assignment for a thing and shoveled the path at the front and the back so my dad can do whatever it was he needed to do. I also made a different path so it's easier to get to the other car. I shoveled on January 3 and babysat on January 4.

The older ones were easier to handle since all they did was play video games but my youngest brother is a big handful. He hates staying in one place and he kept trying to get to my mom's work. I pacified him by turning on the laptop and making him watch Farzzle's World. Apparently, the feeling of boredom was bigger than the feeling of pride and happiness because he wanted to watch random videos then moved on to 'The Magic Schoolbus'. I couldn't really object or he'd start crying. My parents didn't really react. They just did whatever it was they had to do in the first place. I didn't ask them to pay it forward though. My mom's too busy and I have a feeling my dad would pay it forward at the wrong time and at his expense more than usual. I'll ask my mom when her assignment's done though.

Can one person make a difference? Sure they can. Why shouldn't they? It's why 1+1 equals 2. If you don't think so then since it won't make a difference anyway, why not do an act of kindness? You'd understand.

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melanie873 said :
January 4, 2009 at 5:42 PM
Good job Aleiah! I liked your picture, and your explanation about your "pay it forward" experience. But, you shouldn't use yellow as a font colour, because it's hard to read.
bea873 said :
January 4, 2009 at 7:28 PM
Good Job! Aleiah! I also like your pics and used of different colors and like melanie said that the other colors was so bright to see but that's ok,so once again good job!

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