Pay It Forward

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Before winter break we've watched the movie "Pay it Forward".There's a task that we have to do and that is to do something that you can to pay it forward.In the movie there was a boy that believe that one person can make big difference.In this assignment we have to do any act of kindness.In order to solve that we have a couple of questions that we have to answer:

1.Who are you going help?
2.What are you going to do?
3.When are you going to do this?

During i the winter break i choose to... well i didn't really think of anything. So i had to find one. Well i found out my cousin was coming here to my house. So i figured i would babysit. Well it was the perfect time because my auntie was going to leave my cousin here because she had to go to work. But my mom had to go somewhere.Well i volunteered to do it and she said yes. So she left my little cousin here. It was pretty easy because he was already 5 and he was really fun , like we played video games and ate because my mom left some food for us to eat in case we get hungry. When my mom came back from the groceries there was a big mess, well me and my cousin cleaned it up when they came. When they came my parents took care of them because i had to go. it was really fun helping my aunt and babysitting my little cousin. I was really happy at the end.

The question was if ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE to my the answer is yes, anyone can make a difference no matter who you are, so start helping anyone out there who needs help!



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