Pay it Forward !

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In class we watched a movie about a kid who believed that he can make a diffrence, he thought of a plan that could change the world, his plan is to help people who needs help then those people need to help other people, you get the idea. That movie is entitled Pay it Forward. This movie is an inspiration for all of us and i wish all people would follow this example.

During the holidays w
e were ask to show kindness and to help people who needs help. This holiday I help many people but its hard to keep record every time so i choose the top 2

This was the first
image. at this time im helping my mom fold the towels

this is the second picture
. at this time Im the one who is wiping the table.

When I did this kind of stuff it kind of makes me feel good because you can make someone happy.
But the question is CAN ONE PERSON MAKE A DIFFERENCE? the truth is yes, any one can make a difference it doesnt have to be something big as long as you help someone you can make him or her happy

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melanie873 said :
January 5, 2009 at 10:26 PM
Good job, Christian! I liked the way you used the colour red, and how you showed 2 pictures. Although, you made some spelling mistakes. good job again!
By the way, where were you today?

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